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The FNCS season concluded over the weekend, but Epic Games is already onto another competitive circuit in Fortnite. The Fortnite Grand Royale is coming up in mid-November and Epic has released some new information surrounding the event. There are qualifiers for each region which are followed by the Community Cup. In addition to the events, there’s a new show coming to FNCS and some rewards for players who decide to take part.

Fortnite Grand Royale details

The new competitive event begins on Nov. 11, with the Middle Eastern Qualifiers. The qualifiers will take a somewhat different route than previous events when it comes to advancing to the finals.

All teams will begin in the same session but only the top 33 teams will make it out of the qualifiers to the victory path. After the top 33 teams have been decided in each region, the other squads will have three additional chances to make it to the victory path.

After the set teams are on the victory path, all that’s required to advance to the finals is to win one match. Trios that advance to the finals will compete for two days to take home the majority of the $5 million prize pool.

The full schedule for the qualifiers, and the Community Cup dates, are viewable below.

  • November 11-13: Middle East Grand Royale Qualifiers
  • November 12-14: All other regions’ Grand Royale Qualifiers
  • November 16: NA East, NA West and Brazil regions’ Grand Royale Community Cup
  • November 17: Oceania, Asia, Middle East and Europe regions’ Grand Royale Community Cup
  • November 19: Hype Hour Show
  • November 19-20: Middle East Grand Royale Finals
  • November 20-21: All other regions’ Grand Royale Final.

During the event’s schedule, on Nov. 19, FNCS will launch its first Hype Hour. This live broadcast recaps FNCS events from analysts and casters. The show will also bring an announcement for the 2022 Fortnite competitive season. Hype Hour takes place on Nov. 19 at 3 p.m. ET.

Community Cup and Twitch rewards

Fortnite Victor Elite outfit. | Provided by Epic Games

For fans who want to participate in their region’s Community Cup, a special outfit is up for grabs. The Victor Elite outfit and backbling are available for Trios who perform the best in their region over 10 matches. Trios must have 2FA set up on their accounts and be at least level 30.

Players can watch the qualifiers on their region’s specific Fortnite social channels. The channels associated with each region are viewable below.

FNCS Twitch drops. | Provided by Epic Games

Players can tune in to one of these Twitch streams to earn some drops. As long as their Twitch and Epic Games accounts are linked, they’ll earn drops by simply watching streams during Fortnite Grand Royale.