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In terms of content, Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 has delivered in more ways than previous installments. While still not reaching the amount added during the glory days, Season 4 has been a step in the right direction. Epic Games has added in new POIs quite often, gameplay items, like the Jetpacks in v14.50, and Marvel-themed skins. While the season is winding down, it doesn’t appear the developers are done with the additions. Data-miners were able to uncover some files after yesterday’s update that relate to a “Heavy Mortar” weapon.

Heavy Mortar weapon to arrive in Fortnite Season 4?

In terms of leaks, Fortnite dataminers rarely get their information wrong. The images or code they find within the game files is almost always correct and 99% of the time, that content makes its way to the game. However, as with any leak, still take it with the smallest pinch of salt.

In regards to the latest piece of datamined information, a Heavy Mortar weapon looks to be in the works. Multiple leakers were able to find images and even weapon stats for the unreleased gun.

According to well known leaker @HYPEX, the weapon’s description within the files is “Guns Machinegun.” While this makes it sound like another version of the mini-gun, HYPEX states that it uses Rocket ammunition. So it seems that the Heavy Mortar weapon is a cross between a grenade launcher and mini-gun.

As we can see from the stats posted by @Mang0e_, the clip size is only two, which further points to the weapon’s destructive capabilities. Mang0e also produced a prototype image for the weapon, which looks pretty heavy duty.

If this weapon does indeed come to Fortnite in Season 4, Epic Games needs to tread lightly. This is the kind of gun that has broken the battle royale in the past and no one wants another situation like that to conclude an otherwise solid season.

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