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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 has around a month left in its life cycle. The Marvel-themed installment has provided some great content for fans in terms of cosmetics and gameplay. While there weren’t too many changes to the meta, players found this season to be one of the more enjoyable ones in recent memory. However, over the course of the next month, things are reportedly going to get even more interesting. The impending threat of Galactus arriving on the island is still present and undoubtedly the set-up for the finale event. According to one insider though, fans shouldn’t expect a normal end-of-season sendoff; they should expect one that’s bigger than ever.

Fortnite Season 4 event reportedly set to be huge

Epic Games have always given Fortnite fans something to look forward to with its finales. From the black hole in Season X to the meteor in the original Season 3, the events are always highly anticipated. So when a dataminer claims that Chapter 2 – Season 4 will feature the biggest finale ever, players take notice.

fortnite season 4 finale event galactus
Image via Epic Games

The claim comes from prominent leaker @iFireMonkey, who is usually dead-on with his leaks. In a recent tweet, he went over some information he heard from a source that’s apparently close to Epic Games. Of course, this source has remained nameless, but their information is fully on display.

In the first tweet, we can see iFireMonkey summarize what he heard from his source. In the fourth bullet down, he quotes the source as saying, “The biggest event they’ve ever done and it will change the future of Fortnite.” This is obviously in regard to the Season 4 finale but no additional details were given.

Changing the future of Fortnite is a bold claim along with the finale featuring the biggest event ever. We can’t know for sure what the finale will be but we know Galactus and The Avengers are involved somehow. Perhaps this is in correlation with Epic Games employee Donald Mustard saying the Marvel theme isn’t done in Fortnite.

There’s really not much more we can guess at this point. Although, iFireMonkey states that December should be “one hell of a month for Fortnite.” So fans at least have reason to be more excited than in seasons past.

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