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The latest chapter of Fortnite has introduced a slew of fresh content to the game. Chapter 2 – Season 8 might not have brought the changes some players wanted, but there’s still a lot here. One of the changes we expected was the introduction of new NPCs, or non-playable characters, into Fortnite. The Season 7 batch has disappeared with the aliens and players now have a new set to find across the map.

A unique twist with this season’s NPCs is the fact that they are required to complete weekly challenges. Epic Games has scrapped the Epic and Legendary Quests and has instead created a storyline quest for each NPC in Fortnite. This means players who want to complete the weekly quests need to know where to find the NPCs.

All NPC locations in Fortnite Season 8

If players navigate to the Collections tab in the main lobby of Fortnite, they can see exactly how many NPCs populate the island. There appear to be 17 in total, which roughly matches the total from Season 7. However, it’s likely that Epic Games will add or remove some as the season and its storyline progresses in the coming weeks.

For now, though, players can see the location of every NPC in Fortnite Season 8, with a few exceptions:

  1. Baba Yaga – Southwest of Sludgy Swamp
  2. Charlotte – Pleasant Park
  3. Fabio Sparklemane – At Apres Ski, southwest of Misty Meadows
  4. Dark Jonesy – Steamy Stacks
  5. Dusk – West of Lazy Lake
  6. Kitbash – Dirty Docks
  7. Kor – Misty Meadows
  8. J.B. Chimpanski – South of Catty Corner at the weather station
  9. Madcap – Southeast part of Corny Crops
  10. Penny – West of Retail Row
  11. Pitstop – Boney Burbs at the gas station
  12. The Brat – North of Lazy Lake
  13. Toona Fish – West of Holly Hedges, on the viking ship
  14. Torin – Northeast of the purple pit in the center of the map
  15. Scuba Jonesy – Coral Castle
  16. ?
  17. ?
Fortnite Season 8 map
The Season 8 map in Fortnite | Provided by Epic Games

There are two NPC locations that are currently unknown, but this article will be updated with their locations as soon as they are discovered.

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