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After 38 hours, Fortnite returned from the darkness. At 4 am EST on Oct 15, following nearly two days of the game displaying only a black hole, Epic Games released an update for all players. By 6 am EST, the servers opened and gamers flood into the new season. Chapter 2 of Fortnite includes new skins, weapons, and a whole new map. Ultimately, Epic Games delivered tons of new content and experiences for players.

Chapter 2 brings a new map to Fortnite

For the first time in the history of the game, Fortnite has an entirely new map. Now, players can navigate throughout the map with brand new vehicles. A ‘motorboat’ vehicle allows players to move through the rivers. See the new map below:

fortnite chapter 2 season map released

The map includes a few old locations such as Pleasant Park and Retail Row. Players must drop in themselves in order to discover the new environment. The map is divided into sections and once a player visits that section it is shown on the mini-map. Notable new places include Frenzy Farm and Slurry Swamp. Players should expect the new locations to be highly contested for the foreseeable future. Overall, the new map gives Fortnite a fresh look and a new start.

New weapons and skins

To begin Chapter 2, Fortnite introduced multiple new weapons, items, and vehicles. Additionally, weapons can now be upgraded using materials at workstations. Of course, every Fortnite season comes with multiple skins. The battle pass includes some must-have skins and the item shop does too.

First, the Burst Assault Rifle was reintroduced, with new purple and gold variants. It fires a burst of bullets and will succeed in medium to long-range engagements.

Next, a Fishing Rod was added. There is much more water on the map. Now, players can drop a line into the water and see what they catch. The Fishing Rod can reel in weapons and a new fish item for healing.

Lastly, Epic Games added another new healing item, the Bandage Bazooka. It takes up two inventory slots and allows players to heal themselves and teammates from a distance.

Drop-in yourself and check out all the changes. The beginning of this era of Fortnite is filled with excitement and mystery.

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