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Fortnite Championship Series Week 2 saw incredible play by one of the best trio teams in Europe. Each week, trio teams improve and the expectations rise. After finishing second last week, Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson, Dmitri “Mitr0” Van de Vrie, and Benjy “Benjyfishy” David Fish secured themselves the top spot in Week 2. Their performance was impressive. First, they streamed the final round for everyone to watch. Secondly, the trio finished with 38 more points than the second place team. Now, Mongraal, Mitr0, and Benhyfishy sit as the most consistent team in the European region through two weeks.

Watch out for Benjyfishy, Mitr0, and Mongraal

The top trio in FNCS Week 2 started off slow. Then they took off with multiple wins and double-digit eliminations in those games. Mongraal, Mitr0, and Benjyfishy won games three, six, and seven. Altogether, the team eliminated 54 players in those three games. The most dominant win happened in game seven. Mongraal, Mitr0, and Benjyfishy won with 25 eliminations. They took the high ground once the zones started moving and focused every team rotating. Overall, they secured 88 eliminations in nine games.

Another notable performance came from Corentin “Hunter” Tardif, Clément “Skite” Danglot, and Huynh “Kinstaar” Duong Huynh. They only played eight games but remained consistent in their placement. The trio finished with one placement outside of the top 10. Overall, the team racked up 47 eliminations. Fortunately, the top eight teams proceed to the season finals. Their second place finish earns them a spot to compete for even more money at the end of September.

Top 8 teams move on

The format of the Fortnite Championship Series provides teams five weeks to earn a spot in the season finals. Each week, the top eight teams earn the opportunity to play in the finals. Each region runs separately. These teams qualified in Week One from the European region:

  1. NRG Benjyfishy, FaZe Mongraal, Mitr0
  2. Solary Hunter, LeStream Skite, Solary Kinstaar
  3. RBK Ritz, MSF Endretta, Pate1k
  4. G2 Tohaj, hREDS BELAEU, Kaxie
  5. Xypher Snap, ECV_Carzole, Xypher Phool
  6. Solary Airwaks, LeStream Vato, Solary Nikof
  7. athaim scolly, Bast, Dealersz
  8. PnR Wave, JannisZ, LOST RijasR

Additionally, every week during the Fortnite Championship Series each team in the top 100,000 receives Series Points. The teams with the most Series Points at the end of five weeks of competition also move to the Season Finals. To start, 132 teams advance by this system. Every time a previously qualified team finishes in the top eight, another spot opens up via Series Points.