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Week one of the Fortnite Championship Series wrapped up with the two North American regions. NA East finished first with Cody “Clix” Conrod, Jordan “Crimz” Herzog, and Zach “Spades” Gifford at the top of the leaderboard. Then Evan “Cented” Barron, Edgey, and Brodie “rehx” Franks dominated the NA West region. Both regions are filled with incredible players. Overall, only the top eight teams from each region earned a spot in the Season Finals. Top teams received Series Points that will be totaled at the end of the season. Consistency is valued during the Fortnite Championship Series.

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NAE recap and standings

The trio of Clix, Crimz, and Spades started off hot. They began with three top-five placements and 21 eliminations in the first three games. Then the team stumbled as they were eliminated without earning a point in the fourth game. Next, Clix, Crimz, and Spades came back strong with two games of 10 eliminations. They finished in the top five teams in seven out of the nine games. The consistent play earned them first overall in the NAE region.

Another team in the region that stood out is Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, Shawn “clarityG” Washington, Stretch. The trio only began playing together a couple of days before the tournament. Unfortunately, they could only play seven games due to time restraints. Bugha, clarityG, and Stretch finished with the best average placement in the third and final round. Their worst placement was 11th. Amazingly, the newly formed trio managed to outperform expectations and qualify for the FNCS Season Finals.

Here are the top eight teams from NAE:

  1. MSF Clix, LZR Crimz, Spades
  2. RoAtDW, LZR Hornet, tickrss
  3. zdqw, RS kolorful, Odxnied
  4. SEN Bugha, RS clarityG, STRETCH
  5. notpandaa, Janik, sto
  6. TabzG, Tekk, CadrentTV
  7. LZR Kreo, TSM_Comandon, ItsHighSky
  8. TSM_Cloud, thwifo, Ghost Snood

NAW recap and standings

The performance by Cented, Edgey, and rehx is unlike anything seen before in competitive Fortnite. The trio won five out of nine matches with the top 150 teams from the NAW region. They commanded each match they played. In total, Cented, Edgey, and rehx finished with 74 eliminations. Additionally, they won four games in a row during the final round. The teams behind them played extremely well but could not keep up. To put this achievement in perspective, no other team in North America won more than three games in the final round.

Here are the top eight teams from NAW:

  1. rehx, Liquid Cented, FLY Edgey
  2. tyvan, maken, Frapai
  3. 100T Arkhram, Bloom Falconer, TSM.Vinny1x
  4. ThaiTanks, Thomuss_, wavyjacob
  5. KNG little S2, S2 andrew, KNG Jay S2
  6. RTK BarBan, Dare Slick, Dare Spectro
  7. C9 Snow, 100T Kyzui, VICAROS
  8. Slim, aim.alithy, Endo

Week one kicked off the Fortnite Championship Series. The first week of the tournament did not disappoint fans. It included three rounds of competitions to determine who advanced to the Season Finals. The next four weeks, teams compete for money, qualifications, and recognition.

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