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The Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) kicked off this weekend. Each of the seven regions plays in their own tournament. The European region was the most populated. Teams battled through three rounds. Through the first two rounds, the trio of Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson, Dmitri “Mitr0” Van de Vrie, and Benjy “Benjyfishy” David Fish dominated. Then they battled Yan “fwexY” Kaur, Mark “Letw1k3” Danilov, and Domeniks “Domentos” Bunts in the final round. Ultimately, fwexY, Letw1k3, and Domentos held off the late push from Mongraal, Mitr0, and Benjyfishy to win Week One of the European region.

The first weekend of FNCS did not disappoint. The games provided excitement and Epic Games offered viewers every team’s perspective.

A performance to remember

Consistency is key to win Fortnite tournaments. The format requires teams to perform across two days and three rounds. That means top teams played 25 to 30 games throughout the weekend. One big game or one bad game makes all the difference. The winners fwexY, Letw1k3, and Domentos played incredibly well. They only played seven out of 10 games in the final round. Amazingly, the team won two games and never finished outside of the top five. They stayed together, worked as a single unit, and communicated. Letw1k3, fwexY, and Domentos take home $96,000 and earn a spot in the season finals.

Secondly, Benjyfishy, Mongraal, and Mitr0 deserve recognition for their play on the weekend. The team dominated the first two rounds. Their second round performance is one to remember. They won four out of eight games and finished with 89 eliminations. Benjyfishy, Mongraal, and Mitr0 are one of the most skilled teams in Fortnite. Even though they did not finish first, the trio moves on to the season finals. Additionally, they will be a force throughout the next four weeks of competition.

Eight teams earn a qualifying spot

The format of the Fortnite Championship Series provides teams five weeks to earn a spot in the season finals. Each week, the top eight teams earn the opportunity to play in the finals. Each region runs separately. These teams qualified in Week One from the European region:

  1. Gambit.Letw1k3, Gambit.fwexY, Secret_Domentos
  2. NRG Benjyfishy, FaZe Mongraal, Mitr0
  3. elokratz, E11 Klusia, Th0mas HD
  4. CREAM Belvid, LeStream n8, Atlantis Magin
  5. Solary Airwaks, LeStream Vato, Solary Nikof
  6. Beast, ViaR Refsgaard, ViaR Haxcore
  7. Stormyrite, Siberiajkee, Putrick
  8. Kiryache32, freemok, KongTV

This is just the beginning. Four weeks and plenty of single-day tournaments remain. All teams in the top 100,000 ranks earn Series Points. The teams with the most Series Points at the end of the five weeks also qualify for the Season Finals.

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