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With over 6 million watching around the world, Fortnite took everyone, and everything, into a black hole of nothingness. The in-game event ending Season X took place at approximately 2 p.m. Eastern. At the end of the event, everything went dark, and we were left with a black hole. Since this, nothing has happened on the official Fortnite stream but some numbers appearing periodically. While there have been some guesses, no one quite knows what these numbers mean.

For the past 4, going on 5, hours, the community has been patiently waiting. Staring at a mostly black screen and writing down numbers, one would think this long charade by Epic Games would be over soon. Well, according to leaks within Fortnite‘s website’s code, we could be waiting for much longer.

Fortnite to be down until Tuesday morning?

With everyone scrambling to figure out what is going on with Fortnite, leakers have taken it upon themselves to find more intel. A leaker by the Twitter handle Lucas7yoshi was among the first to locate some potential info. Going into the website’s code, he was able to dig up some files that detailed when this event could possibly end.

While this comes directly from Fortnite‘s website, nothing is “stuck in stone,” as Lucas7yoshi says. Meanwhile, Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey states the downtime will end before Tuesday but doesn’t give us an actual date or time.


iFireMonkey’s logic does make sense, as it is plausible Fortnite would’ve done something like this to ensure nothing got out before they intended it to. However, Epic Games remains firmly committed to making fans wait for any kind of news. As an example, there was no Item Shop update today for the first time ever in Fortnite.

While we may not have to wait until Tuesday, we’re most likely looking at a longer wait than anticipated. Our best guess is something will happen early next morning around the same time Fortnite updates go out (around 4-6 a.m. Eastern). All we can do now, however, is wait for the Fortnite black hole to change.

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