Fortnite Battle Royale dev update | Revolver vaulted, new Storm Damage

Fortnite Battle Royale dev update 5.40 | Revolver vaulted, new Storm Damage, C4 changes

Today, Epic Games posted a new Fortnite Battle Royale developer update video. In it, they detail plans to vault the Revolver, modify storm behavior, adjust C4 rarity, and more. These changes are part of the upcoming 5.40 update. This video update follows their State of Development blog post from August 24. However, unlike the blog post, this video focuses exclusively on upcoming changes for Battle Royale, rather than Fortnite as a whole.

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Epic confirmed the update is coming this week, though a specific date is yet to be determined. Typically, updates release on Tuesday each week. This developer update video, however, is atypical behavior for the studio. Perhaps the extra attention is because the game is nearing the end of Season 5, or perhaps there are additional changes in the back end. After all, the 5.20 update released on a Thursday after a last-minute delay. Regardless, let’s dive into what we do know.

New for update 5.40: Goodbye Revolver, hello Storm Damage

In today’s video, Epic Games developer Eric Williamson begins by introducing a new mechanic coming in update 5.40. Dubbed “Storm Damage,” the enclosing storm will now deal damage to player-built structures in the final stages of the game. According to Williamson, “less than 10% of [Fortnite] matches are affected by this or make it that long.” This update seeks to provide more dynamic gameplay in the final moments leading to a Victory Royale. While the statistic cited by Williamson may be true for casual play, it was certainly noticeable on a professional level. During the first Summer Skirmish, in which players competed solely for victories with no incentive for eliminations, the late stages of the game were dominated by players “turtling” in their own structures.

Moving forward, Williamson also states the Revolver will be vaulted. However, he cites previously vaulted weapons which have since returned, such as the Guided Missile, as examples. This means that Epic may continue to adjust the Revolver’s mechanics in the background before eventually returning it to the game. Interestingly, he also states that more weapons may be vaulted at the beginning of Season 6, pending future updates.

New mobility item and other item adjustments

Next, Williamson explains that a new “mobility item” is coming. Though no further explanation is given, he posits that Epic “looks forward to [players’] creative expression with that.” A number of new mobility items appeared in Season 5 so far, including Rift-to-Go and the recent Shockwave Grenades. Furthermore, Bounce Pads returned from the vault a few months ago as well. Whether this new item will be consumable, throwable, or a trap remains to be seen.

Additional balance updates are also coming soon. C4 is changing from Rare to Epic in order to “match its effectiveness,” and Boogie Bombs will drop in stacks of two instead of one. Furthermore, players will soon be able to stack up to three shields as opposed to two. Currently, a lot of players favor holding mini-shields instead of regular ones. Despite the lower amount of shield gains, their quick speed means they are more useful in frantic, late-game battles. We’ll see if allowing players to hold a total of 150 shield points in one slot changes this dynamic.

What do you think of the 5.40 update news? Any clues as to what the “mobility item” could be? Sound off in the comments below, and we’ll see you when the update drops.