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The v13.40 update is set to go live in Fortnite and for once, we have some concrete patch notes from Epic Games. While not overly extensive, they are a step up from what we’ve received in the past, being nothing. Of course, the main attraction of v13.40 is the JoyRide Update, which adds four new drivable vehicles into Fortnite. This is the biggest piece of content in Season 3 and will likely stay that way until Season 4. However, along with the cars, Epic Games threw in some extra goodies to make the experience more enjoyable.

The v13.40 JoyRide update in Fortnite

If you missed the various teasers from the Fortnite Twitter account, there are four new vehicles arriving with v13.40. In no order, there’s the Mudflap, Whiplash, Islander Prevalent, and OG Bear. All four vehicles are different in size and shape, with each receiving different amounts of health, fuel, etc.

These cars will spawn around the map in various locations. We’re not exactly sure of each individual vehicle’s spawn rate, but it’s expected to not be too excessive.

Moving on from the main attraction of the update, there are some smaller additions coming with v13.40. The biggest of these might be the new radio stations, which will be available in every car on the map. These stations will play various kinds of music, but if you’re a streamer, don’t worry, as Fortnite has copyright-free music options.

Aside from that, there are some upcoming LTMs arriving as well as a new event, Party Royale. You can read about that and the rest of the v13.40 in the patch notes, courtesy of @iFireMonkey.

This is Season 3’s biggest update yet and could be the last until Season 4, which releases worldwide on August 16-17.

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