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Epic Games has brought all sorts of content into Fortnite, much of it inspired by other media. These include crossovers with popular films like Avengers: Endgame and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, for example. Fortnite has also introduced different game mode options, including a Creative mode which allowed players to create their own maps. This enabled new game modes like parkour, hide and seek, Mario Kart-like racing maps, and more. Now, it seems Epic Games will be releasing Prop Hunt as the one of the game’s new official game modes. This game mode was made popular by another game named Garry’s Mod.


Fortnite Prop Hunt game mode

One of gaming’s most popular game modes or mods is Prop Hunt. It consists of a group of players that transform into objects (or props). These players then try to hide around the map. Players will usually try to hide in places where that specific object looks like it normally is already in the map. Another group of players then goes around the map trying to hunt these hidden players down.

The Prop Hunt game mode is normally associated with Garry’s Mod, but it originated as apart of Counter-Strike: Source. It then led to a Team Fortress 2 mod, which sprouted the Garry’s Mod version. One Fortnite leaker named KrispyLeaks showed a video of a new gun that would be used in this new game mode.


The upcoming Fortnite mode’s description was also posted by another individual. “Prop Hunt. The Hunter team must use their wits and their weapons to find and eliminate the pesky props,” Twitter user FireMonkey wrote. “Be aware, props make a sound every 15 seconds! Loading Screen: Default one, appears Prop Hunt isn’t fully ready yet.”

All of the props

FireMonkey then revealed some of the props that players can become in Fortnite’s new game mode. These range from food items, to electronic appliances, to furniture, to plants usually found around the map.




Will you be checking out the Fortnite Prop Hunt game mode? Players can also create their own version of a map to be played with Prop Hunt with friends. Have you customized a map before in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments! And keep up with all of the latest Fortnite news and content here at Daily Esports.