Former Luminosity Fortnite players announce One Percent organization
One Percent Fortnite organization Luminosity
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Former Luminosity Fortnite players announce One Percent organization

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The wait is over to see what the former Luminosity Gaming Fortnite members have been up to. In late June, it was revealed that the Luminosity Fortnite team house was leaving the organization to form their own. This included household names like Alex “Formula” Kushelevskiy and Kiwiz, who each boast millions of followers of social media. The reasons for the players leaving LG are unknown, but most seem to think the players simply wanted to start their own organization. This came to fruition today when they announced the new team, being “One Percent”.

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One Percent organization officially revealed

The anticipation for the new squad was pretty immense, as the players had teased the reveal for quite some time. The organization is named One Percent and, for now, features the six former Luminosity Fortnite members.

Along with the reveal, the members released a new YouTube channel and video in which they showed off a new team house. A multi-million dollar mansion, the players claim to have paid for the entire house themselves with no outside help. It’s also reported the organization has yet to make any deals with sponsors. You can check out the house and YouTube channel below.

While the team house is certainly the crowning achievement, One Percent also launched its own apparel store. However, the products will only be available for three days as of July 5. So, if you want any merchandise, make sure to buy some before July 8.

In terms of Fortnite and esports, the members will likely continue on as they have been. However, they’ll now don the One Percent name instead of Luminosity. As of right now, the team consists of the following members:

  • Formula
  • Kiwiz
  • Nicks
  • Razz
  • Aeolus
  • Randumb

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any additional announcements concerning One Percent here at Daily Esports.

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