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Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons spoilers season kicked off yesterday and absolutely floored people. Today, it continues on in full force. The next card we’re about to show you (paired with the biggest reveal from yesterday) confirms something nobody ever could have seen coming: an actual cycle of Force of Will-style cards. Let’s take our first look at Force of Vigor.

Force of Vigor, Modern Horizons

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Force of Vigor

While this card is certainly less main deck-playable than the Force of Negation spoiled yesterday, it’s well deserving of sideboard slots. In fact, this card will almost certainly be in most green deck sideboards because it hits artifacts and enchantments for very little cost. Here are a few important things Force of Vigor hits:

  • Blood Moon: Before, Blood Moon was hard to answer if your only green mana came from a non-basic land. Now, Force of Vigor can be cast for free from hand to get rid of it.
  • Chalice of the Void: Chalice also tended to void out common artifact removal spells such as Nature’s Claim.
  • Leyline of Sanctity: Often coming down at the start of the game to protect from edict effects, targeted discard, or burn spells, Leyline of Sanctity can now be removed for no mana thanks to Force of Vigor.
  • Ensnaring Bridge: Ensnaring Bridge is one of those cards that invalidates creature strategies by itself. Green, being a very creature-heavy color, can now deal with it without spending mana.
  • Hollow One: The centerpiece for the aggressive Hollow One decks, this artifact creature can now be dealt with as soon as it’s played.

Of course, green could already destroy those cards… but never for no mana, and seldom with more than one target. Force of Vigor is a game changer in that regard.

Stay tuned!

Modern Horizons spoilers are picking up now, and Daily Esports is here to keep you covered! Be sure to check our Magic: The Gathering page for more news! We had a ton of spoilers yesterday and there are more to come!