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A lot is changing in For Honor, with this fearsome Viking leader being no exception. In the same patch that’s reworking Shugoki, Warlord’s also getting some love. As the dev team explains, Warlord players currently rely too much on his Crashing Charge in 1v1 situations. He was not intended for this type of gameplay, so Ubisoft is rehauling his kit to make him more versatile. As it stands, his out-of-lock attacks are regarded as the most powerful aspect of the hero. This now changes as Warlord’s basic attacks receive a boost — and he gets some new chains while at it.

Out-of-lock gets knocked

Warlord’s Crashing Charge is now only active after 500ms, which is a considerable change from the zippy 300ms previously. It will be interesting to see how effective this change is to his out-of-lock game. This doesn’t make the move easily countered, however. Players still cannot react to the Charge in time at close range. That said, the difference in milliseconds means that it will be far less oppressive for opponents of Warlord.

Berserker and Valkyrie congratulate their burly leader on finally joining the rework club.

Warlord rework rehauls Lunge Strike

Lunge Strike, Warlord’s other out-of-lock running attack, is changing too. The reaction on Lunge Strike is now light instead of heavy. The purpose of this was to ensure that Warlord no longer landed a guaranteed Headbutt on blocking the move. The transition of Lunge Strike to Headbutt is now 100ms slower, and the damage is scaled up to 35 from 25 to compensate for the changes.

New chainz!

Apologies for that heading; I really just couldn’t help myself. In addition to the previous light-heavy combo, Warlord now has two new chains. He can throw out a light attack and chain it into another light. He can also chain his heavy attacks together as well. This should give his kit some more viability and improve his mix-up game.

While his out-of-lock moves have been toned down, Warlord’s sure to be a bigger threat with better locked-on attacks and more mix-up might.

Light attacks hit the gym

Warlord’s light attacks are getting pretty swole in this rework. All his light attack finishers are now 500ms, down from 600ms. Not only that, but upon successfully blocking an opponent’s attacks using superior block, his light attacks now become unblockable. His top superior block light attack opener now does 29 damage — quite a hefty boost from 17. His side superior block light attack opener now does 25 damage, up from 13.

Heavy attacks just got heavier

He ain’t heavy — he’s my Warlord, and he hits like a train now. Warlord’s top heavy opener attack now does 30 damage from 25. His side heavy opener now does 35 – previously 30. His top heavy finisher attack does the same at 35 from 30, and his side heavy finisher now does 40 damage from 35. Warlord’s zone attack can no longer be dodged now, in addition.

Warlord can now utilize superior block far more effectively with unblockable, stronger counterattacks.

Superior block: Now with 25% more superiority!

Warlord’s superior block itself got some tweaking as well. Upon entering superior block stance, Warlord only spends 10 stamina, down from 15. However, superior block stance now costs 5 stamina per second, up from 4.5. This is likely to compensate for the changes with his counterattacks and the reduced cost for entering the stance. When exiting, Warlord now begins regenerating stamina as normal immediately. Before, Warlord players had 4 seconds of stamina regen penalty when they exited the mode.

Ubisoft also fixed an issue with Warlord where parry attempts always missed when he exited superior block stance. This will be corrected, and parries should register normally.

What do you think of Warlord’s changes? Let us know!