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For Honor: Tournaments and upcoming patch details

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On this week’s Warrior’s Den, the dev team had a lot to speak about. The first big thing they touched on is the upcoming tournament card for this weekend. The popular Mistressed’s Mayhem 2v2 PC tournament is this Saturday, December 8th at 1PM EST. In addition, there are two tournaments on Sunday. There’s a For Honor Arena 1v1 series for Playstation 4 players this Sunday, December 9th, at 12pm EST. FHA is also hosting a PC 1v1 tournament the same day at 2PM EST. Links below:

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Mistressed’s Mayhem 2v2

For Honor Arena

Mistressed’s 2v2 is among this weekend’s tournament card. Warning: Clutch is competing.

For Honor (rough) patch notes

The developer who usually discusses patch notes is ill, so here’s a rough outline of what this For Honor patch is all about.

General Fixes:

  • Camera’s slightly tweaked to make left external attacks easier to see
  • Many feats are losing hyper-armor upon activating them, meaning they’re vulnerable to interruption
  • Bots can no longer revive teammates across the map, and they revive sooner
  • Level 3 bots have been nerfed so they block and parry less
  • Tickets for matchmaking are now sorted chronologically, meaning players who have waited longest will get matched first
  • If a player is the last one in a duel, it ends
  • Fixed a longstanding issue involving Hero models switching in customization mode
  • The bug where a player is stuck in tactical view for the duration of the game is fixed
  • Multiple visual character bugs fixed
  • Quickchat text will no longer hide in PC
  • Graphics card selection on launch for PC users now favors the stronger video card in the case of dual graphics card users
  • Voice chat mutes when the game is minimized
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting a Steam controller no longer has double inputs

Fighter changes

  • Shaman’s Bite now applies grab damage reduction if she’s hit by two different external attacks.
  • Jiang Jun and Tiandi now dodge attacks properly with their dodge heavies.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to make attacks unparriable if they used certain distance attacks.
  • Parry counters no longer hit an unintended target.
  • An issue involving Shugoki losing more stamina than intended on charged heavies is now fixed.
  • Shaman’s Predator’s Mercy will now use a regular break reaction, which only guarantees one heavy attack instead of a second one as well.
  • Valkyrie’s Superior Block drains 6 less stamina.
  • Superior Block attack animations on Valkyrie sync now as well.
  • Tiandi’s 300ms delay upon back-dodging is now fixed.
  • Shaolin’s top attack feint into Qi Stance now fixed.
  • Jiang Jun can no longer use Sifu’s Pose to evade confirmed hits.
  • Jiang Jun can also no longer cancel finishers if he is out of stamina.
The upcoming For Honor patch involves fixes/changes to Valkyrie, Shaman, Jiang Jun and more.

Map fixes

  • No more Everquest-style clipping underneath the world.
  • The Beachhead map boat issue is fixed
  • Pikemen can march up to the commander now
  • When able, archers will now attack the commander.
  • Commander’s tracking upon swinging is now normal, so players can dodge attacks properly.
  • Archers targeting zones for Breach are now further refined.

A full recap of the Warrior’s Den can be found here. Big thanks to xdeadzx for his painstaking work on recapping the streams!

Did you enjoy the stream? Are you happy with the changes and fixes being implemented? Let us know!