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You know what they say — it ain’t over until the rotund Japanese man sings. Okay, nobody really says that, but there are still big changes coming to Shugoki. The rotund warrior in For Honor was discussed previously by the devs regarding a rework. He had been underperforming, and the community felt he needed some changes. Here’s everything you need to know about the new and improved Shugoki.

 Shugoki rework focuses on the initiative

The developers’ aim in Shugoki’s rework is to render the big guy able to initiate combat and deliver mix-ups. This is in hopes of players being able to land finishers and perform better in duels and group situations. As such, pretty much his entire kit has been tweaked.

Uninterruptible Stance

The devs have removed the hero’s passive Uninterruptible Stance from his kit. As a replacement, the majority of Shugoki’s attacks have been given the normal Uninterruptible Stance property. This ability, the team feels, leads to an overly defensive and passive play style. Shugoki players are forced to wait for an attack to be ignored and follow it up with a guaranteed light attack or guardbreak. This change encourages players to attack more and rewards Shugoki with more favourable trading ability.

Shugoki’s rework hopefully will lead to more favorable trades and increased aggression in play. Image Source: ehychgee DeviantArt

Shugoki’s health gets a tone-down

The hero’s health pool has been lowered to 140 from its previous 160. Developers are implementing this because Shugoki no longer takes increased damage when the now-removed stance is gone. His Demon’s Embrace ability being now a far more effective method of healing the hero meant his health needed some adjustment.

Faster light attacks

Light attacks on Shugoki are now 500ms, down from 600ms. In addition, his light attacks now receive Uninterruptible Stance starting at two. Ubisoft feels that 600ms light attacks are too easy for opponents to parry. This discourages Shugoki players from using them to start combat entirely. The lights having Uninterruptible Stance also help players with trading damage.

Big changes to heavy attacks too!

Shugoki’s heavy attacks can now not only be fully charged to make them unblockable, but they’re also able to be feinted. He can still cancel heavies into a guardbreak — all throughout his charging. This means that he can now cancel an unblockable heavy attack into a guardbreak as part of his mix-up. Heavies also gain Uninterruptible Stance now. Normal heavy attacks are also now 800ms, down from a pretty darn predictable 1100ms. All versions of his heavy attack now just cost 12 stamina, whereas before the stamina scaled as the attack was charged. The devs feel like Shugoki’s heavy attacks were too costly with too little reward. The new changes aim to add variety and increased threat to the hero.

The rework gives Shugoki faster light and heavy attacks, with more options as well. Oof.

Headbutt offers more now!

While the Headbutt is no longer guaranteed after a light attack, it can now be performed after any light or heavy attack opener — as well as his zone attack — whether they land, miss, or are blocked. It now also only deals 50 stamina damage, down from 80. It will, however, allow a follow-up into a heavy attack finisher. This move no longer pushes Shugoki’s opponent away as well.

The For Honor team feels that the old Headbutt only really succeeded in either creating distance or prolonging the fight. Their changes look to create more pressure and allow for more mix-up options.

Demon’s Embrace: now with punishment!

Demon’s Embrace has some changes with it now as well. It can only be performed by either canceling a heavy attack into a guardbreak, or guardbreaking during a throw. The move now has Uninterruptible Stance, which starts at 500s and can land as soon as 900 ms. This is a noticeable tone-down from the previous 1200ms. It now always heals for 25 — instead of 40 — and deals 25 damage instead of 40. It will no longer outright kill the opponent if health is critical, however. Demon’s Embrace will also, in addition, completely replenish Shugoki’s stamina bar, but it will no longer drain 40 stamina from the opponent.

Demon’s Embrace is now cheaper to use at 35 stamina instead of 45 and no longer costs Shugoki 60 health upon missing the attack. It will no longer interrupt an opponent’s revenge activation either, but it can be interrupted by both enemy and friendly attacks. Ubisoft’s thoughts are these changes will make it harder to react to and a more effective punisher for opponents slipping up.

Let’s hug it out — because players will be using Demon’s Embrace a whole lot more often.

Faster zone attack for the big lad

Shugoki’s zone attack has been buffed up to 600ms from a fairly slow 900ms. It’ll gain Uninterruptible Stance at 400ms, as well. In addition, the zone is now a singular strike, but it links to Headbutt and heavy attack finishers. Devs remark that the improved flow and speed should make his zone better in team fights and close distance to opponents trying to dance.

Hard to Kill feat toned down

Damage reduction for this feat was reduced on Shugoki:

  • Full hp down to 0% (from 20%)
  • 130 hp down to 5% (previously 25%)
  • 100 hp is now 10% (from 30%)
  • 70 hp lowered to 20% (down from 40%)
  • 40 hp reduced to 30% (was 50%)

The team made these reductions as a direct result of their decision to remove Shugoki’s passive Uninterruptible Stance. Players used this feat in order to mitigate the increased damage the hero takes while the Stance is on cooldown. However, since the Stance is being removed, they’re offsetting the damage to make up for this change.

Bug fix coming to Shugoki

The devs are also fixing a bug with the hero that’s been hanging around for a hot minute. Shugoki would pull a 180 on himself when a player used Charge of the Oni — at the very start of the move. This has since been fixed in order to still change the move’s angle.

For Honor fans have been inquiring about a Shugoki rework for many seasons, so this is a welcome alteration to the hero. This is great news for Shugoki mains, and possibly some very bad news for their opponents, if they’re not cautious.

What are your thoughts on Shugoki’s rework? Let us know!

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