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A new Heavy’s coming to For Honor! The Year of the Harbinger will kick off on January 31 for players who purchased a Year 3 Pass. Vortiger’s a new Knight Hero who was teased on past Warrior’s Den streams. The name, Vortiger, is derived from an ancient Anglo-Saxon ruler. Named “The Black Priors” as well, Vortiger is a past knight of the Order of the Holy Balaur. The Priors formed after For Honor‘s antagonist, Apollyon, joined forces with their leader. Apollyon was the main reason for the three-faction war between Knights, Samurai, and Vikings. After her defeat, The Black Priors scattered, abandoning their posts. As of Year 3, Vortiger has returned – with the Black Priors in tow – to repent for their alignment with Apollyon.

What we know about For Honor’s Vortiger

The Black Prior is a Heavy hero. Heavies are the ‘tank’ class Heroes in For Honor. They can usually be characterized by either heavy armour/shields or their bulk (sorry, Shugoki!) and Priors are no exception. Vortiger bears a massive serrated shield, platemail, and a longsword.

Heavy Heroes are the most resilient of For Honor, with the most tools for survival, and focus on defensive play (see: turtling) to succeed. This Hero, in addition to being offered with the Year 3 Pass, can be purchased as well for 15,000 Steel as a standalone.

For Honor has a packed January with Year of the Harbinger and the Vortiger reveal.

Much more to come with Year 3

The Year of the Harbinger will offer three other new Heroes – one for Samurai, Vikings, and the new Wu Lin faction. These Heroes are all gender-unlocked (yay!) and are to be revealed at a later date. Each Hero drops per season, meaning that the roster is seeing a total of four new Heroes in a single year. Year 3 also offers a free Dominion map – Harbor – which will drop in the first season of Year of the Harbinger. The Year 3 Pass is offered for $30 in the game store. This offers one-week early access to each Hero, as well as exclusive effects, 30-day Champ status, and a new outfit.

The full Harbinger reveal will take place at 12pm ET on For Honor‘s official stream channel.

Will you play Vortiger? Are you there for Year 3 of Ubisoft’s hottest fighting game? Let us know!