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The Warrior’s Den livestream this week delivered as promised. As teased in a previous stream, For Honor‘s dev team did a serious deep-dive into the new For Honor Year 3 Hero: The Black Prior.

The Black Prior brings the pain

These Priors are defenders on the battlefield, wielding kite shields. They’re also the first true sword-n-board Heroes for the Knight faction. Fierce counterattackers, Priors have access to a powerful new ability: Bulwark Stance. Similar to all-block in nature, Bulwark Stance allows Black Priors to block attacks – from all directions – regardless of type. This means that Priors can also counter unblockable attacks in addition to regular ones. Their difficulty level is rated as “Easy-Medium” and their title is Defense Specialist.

This week’s Warrior’s Den team dives into the Black Prior’s extensive abilities.

Black Prior moveset details:

  • Bulwark Stance: This stance protects the Prior against all incoming attacks.
  • Superior Light Attacks: Light attack openers have Superior Block.
  • Undodgeable Heavy Finishers: Heavy attack finishing attacks cannot be dodged.
  • Bulwark Slash: Strong and feintable attack.
  • Bulwark Counter: Defensive, timing-dependent move that negates attacks/unblockables when successful. Black Prior can be guardbroken out of Bulwark Counter.
  • Recovery Cancel: Black Prior can follow up light/heavy attacks with Bulwark Stance.
  • Dodge Block: Prior’s guard automatically matches the direction of dodges.
The Black Prior can counter both attacks and unblockables with the powerful Bulwark Counter.

Black Prior feats list:

  • Tier 1: The first feat allows Priors to sacrifice their own health to shield a nearby ally. This feat has a fairly quick cooldown in comparison.
  • Tier 2: Black Priors can heal themselves while in Bulwark Stance. This move is intended to pressure opponents into attacking them and getting countered.
  • Tier 3: This feat allows Priors to remove the shield that opponents gain through activating Revenge.
  • Tier 4: The Prior’s Tier 4 feat is a pulsing area-of-effect buff that applies a shield to the Hero and any allies nearby. This effect activates on and off while the Prior is maintaining the ability, meaning opponents can still hit them with proper timing.

 New Map: Harbor

Setting the tone of the Black Priors’ arrival to join the Knights comes a new map: Harbor. The Priors arrive at this port town – on Lake Eitrivatnen’s shores – to assist the Knights in defending it. This map is available in Duel, Brawl, Skirmish and also Dominion. Harbor releases on January 31 alongside the new Knight Hero.

The For Honor Year 3 Pass is available now. Players can play the Black Prior a week…prior…to the Hero’s official 15,000 Steel release on January 31. Not gonna lie, I’m proud of that one.

Will you be playing Black Prior? Let us know!