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Everything you need to know about the FNCS All-Star Showdown

The first tournament of its kind sees top players compete on Creative maps
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The Chapter 2 Season 6 Fortnite Champion Series has concluded and there’s still nearly two months before Season 7 begins. To bridge the gap between the two circuits, Epic Games is hosting the FNCS All-Star Showdown. The top players in Competitive Fortnite are set to compete on community-built maps in Creative mode for the first time ever.

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The All-Star Showdown is the first tournament of its kind, crossing over the competitive nature of FNCS with the creativeness of the community. Each aspect of a competitor’s game will be tested. This will culminate in a Solo Championship that takes place on maps built by three creators.

As if that isn’t enough, any player can load up Creative and play on the exact maps the pros will battle on in the All-Star Showdown. The event will run from June 11-26. It will feature a $3 million prize pool, taking place on five brand new Creative maps. The Showdown’s maps are created by three designers: ImmatureGamer, Enigma and Dummblond, all of whom are partnered and experienced Fortnite map designers.

The All-Star Showdown schedule

The event technically begins on June 11, with the Hype Days. These events are held by top players to showcase the Showdown’s challenges. Next, the Solo All-Star Play In runs from June 18-20, with ten spots in each region up for grabs. There are four rounds to play for players to qualify, with any eligible Champion League player able to compete in Round 1. Following Round 1, here’s how the qualifiers break down:

Round 2
  • Europe, NAE, NAW, and Brazil – Top 2,000 players in each Region from Round 1
  • Asia, OCE, and Middle East – Top 1,000 Players in each Region from Round 1.
Round 3
  • Europe and NAE – Top 600 players in each Region from Round 2
  • NAW and Brazil – Top 500 players in each Region from Round 2
  • Asia, OCE, & Middle East – Top 350 players in each Region from Round 2.
Round 4
  • Top 100 players in each Region from Round 3.

Once the players from each region have qualified, they’ll take part in the real event from June 23 through June 26.

The FNCS maps and codes

FNCS All-Star Showdown
Provided by Epic Games

Starting on June 23, the individual challenges will begin. These take place on five different Creative maps and challenge various aspects of a competitor’s game. The events and their dates, in order, are:

  • Blueprint Battle – June 23
  • Bullseye Bonanza – June 24
  • High Tier – June 24
  • Play for Keeps – June 25
  • FNCS All-Star Solo Championship – June 26

Each challenge comes with its own prize pool and specific Creative map. Below, the playable maps can be found, along with their Creative Codes. Players can hop in and experience the maps for themselves.

  • Blueprint Battle – Creative Code: 3840-8537-4348
  • Bullseye Bonanza – Creative Code: 9420-6335-1309
  • High Tier – Creative Code: 3947-8128-3885
  • Play for Keeps – Creative Code: 5892-6942-6261
  • All-Star Trickshot (not part of the tournament) – Creative Code: 5332-3250-5319

The FNCS All-Star Showdown will be broadcast on watch.fortnite.com and twitch.tv/fortnite. Fans who watch on either platform can grab Twitch Drops throughout the event. There’s an Emoticon, Spray, Loading Screen and Back Bling up for grabs.

The action starts on Friday, June 11, and should be an enjoyable break from the ultra-competitive side of FNCS.

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