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A staple of the professional Rocket League scene, Flipsid3 Tactics have been around since the beginning. With several titles to their name, including a world championship, F3 has now announced they are departing the scene after they were unable to come to new contract terms with their players Francesco “Kuxir97” Cinquemani and David “Miztik” Lawrie. They had not yet signed a third player, but the team will continue to play with their newest addition, Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke.

F3 and RL, a longstanding relationship

MJ Finch, Co-Founder of Flipsid3 Tactics, spoke of the departure and reminisced on F3’s past accomplishments in their announcement post. Good days and bad, F3 has seen the very highs and a fair few lows. With fans all over the world, the organization gained the respect of many by being transparent on social media and having excellent relationships with their players and the fanbase.

And when you say Flipsid3, you say Kuxir. A legendary organization was home to a legendary player. They made their way to the first ever RLCS world championship grand final, where they lost to Cameron “Kronovi” Bills’s iBUYPOWER. The following season they returned stronger than ever after picking up Marius “gReazymeister” Ranheim and won the world championship in Amsterdam.

Since the beginning, F3 has been considered a powerhouse despite housing several line-ups of players. And even though they’ve had periods where things didn’t go as smoothly as usual, they always managed to get back to the very top. Most recently, they won WSOE4 with their newest addition Speed after Maurice “Yukeo” Weihs left to join Dignitas. It’ll be very strange to no longer spot the green and black of Flipsid3 Tactics in an RLCS line-up.


F3’s founder Hector Rosario has often been praised for his transparency. He regularly showed up on social media and reddit threads to share his thoughts on the Rocket League scene – and wasn’t shy to do so either. Where many fans had doubts about Psyonix’s efforts for Rocket League esports, Rosario openly sided with the players, criticizing the studio for their shortcomings. He shared details of what went on behind the scenes and truly felt like a part of the fan base. It’ll be sad to see F3 depart, but hopefully we’ll see them return at some point. While they already announced F3 will not be playing in the upcoming season of the RLCS, Finch did confirm on reddit that they are open to future opportunities should they arise.

Fnatic to pick up the team?

There has been plenty of speculation of what is to become of the team. Fnatic recently dropped their relegated roster and are looking to pick up a more consistent team. Many thought Triple Trouble were the perfect candidates after Red Reserve dropped the team, but then new rumors arose. Fnatic was allegedly aiming to sign Kuxir, Miztik, and Speed over the boys from Triple Trouble. While they remained rumors, this news suddenly falls in the same line. If F3 was unable to come to terms with the players about a new contract, perhaps they had a better offer from Fnatic.

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