First impressions of Aegislash Pokémon UNITE
Aegislash in Pokemon UNITE
Aegislash joins the UNITE roster. | Provided by Pokemon UNITE

First impressions of Aegislash Pokémon UNITE

The royal sword Pokemon cuts down all in its way

Aegislash is the newest Pokémon joining the Pokémon UNITE roster as of Friday. The royal sword Pokémon comes as the newest All-Rounder added to the roster after Tsareena a few months ago. Here are the first impressions of this double-bladed destroyer.

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Aegislash the jungler

Aegislash is most likely going to take the jungle position. The sword creature makes up for its lack of mobility moving from camp to camp with a large amount of damage. It is able to one-shot the Lillipup in jungle, which no other Pokémon can do at this point.

The double-bladed Pokémon also belongs in the jungle due to the amount of farm that is needed for the its abilities to work. Before getting either Shadow Claw or Sacred Sword, Aegislash does not provide much to a lane. The Pokémon also requires its UNITE move, Coup De Grace in order to be at full effectiveness. Aegislash’s job is to unsuspectingly get the jump on an enemy and eliminate them before the fight even begins.

One of the most difficult Pokémon to play

Aegislash is definitely one of the most difficult Pokémon to play, It does not get its boosted auto-attack like other Pokémon. Instead, it stacks up boosted auto-attacks by using moves in its kit. Once there are enough stacks, Aegislash’s next move will determine what type of boosted auto-attack it has. If it picks a blade form move, Aegislash will do higher damage. The shield form will heal Aegislash with every hit, but it does less damage than the blade form.

Aegislash auto attack
Aegislash does not gain boosted auto-attacks by using moves. | Provided by Pokemon UNITE

The transition between the blade and shield form is not seamless. Players will need to understand when to use each according to the situation. Shield form will also require some level of anticipation in order to use properly and gain stacks with, especially in the middle of a teamfight.

There are two viable builds in Pokémon UNITE, crit or tank

Aegislash is a complex Pokémon due to its variety of playstyles. It is able to use the Razor Claw held item in conjunction with its Shadow Claw ability in order to deal lots of damage like an assassin. Players can also use Sacred Sword, a knock-up, to play the Pokémon like a front-line bruiser and initiate fights for their team. However, for both builds the goal is still the same: Stack up boosted auto-attacks, initiate well, and look for an execute with Aegislash’s UNITE move.

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