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The Fortnite World Cup qualifiers finished in Week 10, so until July 26, the World Cup is on hold. 49 duo teams await the next competition. Some of the best players showed their skills and qualified, while a few fan favorites missed the cut. Ultimately, a handful of teams stood out above the rest.

Earning a spot in the last week

The qualifications of Week 10 came down to the final games. Everything in the final matches mattered as the top teams pushed for the top three spots. Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro and Vinny “Vinny1x” Gilgan took their spot in New York City. ZexRow battled tendinitis in the first few weeks of the World Cup. He rested and rehabbed to be able to play the Fortnite. As an innovator of box-fighting, ZexRow has the skill to be among the best, but the injuries held him back. Now the duo joins 48 other teams in the Finals.

“Keys” and “Slackes” came close to qualifying multiple times, but they finally busted out for a 102 point performance in Week 10 to qualify. Keys has consistently performed well in competitive play. His name typically shows up in the rankings. Slackes is relatively unknown himself, yet he’s still a top tier player. The duo moves on the New York City with the momentum of qualifying in the final week.

[irp posts=”25578″ name=”Endretta, MSF Clix take top spots in final week of Fortnite World Cup solos”]

Fortnite World Cup Week 10 standings

Here are the lists of the top 10 from each region. Players in bold have qualified for the Fortnite World Cup 2019 Finals in New York City, and those listed with an asterisk are already confirmed. The number of teams that qualify varies by region. The Brazil, Oceania, and Asia regions did not have qualifying spots this week.

NA East

  1. Slackes / KeysFN
  2. TSM_ZexRow / TSM.Vinny1x
  3. NRG Zayt / Ghost Saf *
  4. Calculator / coL MackWood
  5. bhegs / E11 HEART
  6. SEN Animal / CODE SEN-Aspect
  7. Hornet / tickrss
  8. code ronaldo / XXiF *
  9. E11 Grazca / E11 daxor.
  10. TL 72 / Liquid Vivid

NA West

  1. Arkhram1x / Bloom Falconer *
  2. KNG EpikWhale / 4DRStorm.
  3. coL Lanjok / coL Punisher *
  4. Bloom Kunichi / doouke
  5. Thomss_ / wavyjacob
  6. snow xd / thome
  7. KNG Leno / KNG Barl *
  8. T1 Persecute / aim.nitrix1x
  9. Ghost Kayuun / Fake-Tocata
  10. AnteeDote / TXG Kehnys


  1. Wolfiez / Rojo
  2. E11 Tschiiinken / E11 Stompy *
  3. NRG benjyfishy / NRG MrSavageM *
  4. LeStream Skite / LeStream Vato
  5. FaZe Vorwenn / Atlantis Tucksz
  6. Klusiabtw / SNG Th0masHD
  7. Evade AddzZ / FRENZII
  8. ProximaStar / Fury Legendary
  9. TrainH BlastRR / TrainH Alphaa
  10. Vitality Keolys / hawkers


  1. BES Serpennt / BES hype
  2. jahlyn / skyla xd
  3. zorehfishy / JAM Gheez
  4. twins iwnl / RNG_x2Jesse
  5. Code Volx / Code Parpy *
  6. HonourBreso / Honour Dylan
  7. Twitch Sorif / Twitter RaaqNZ
  8. Ghost Zarby / Ghost Trapped
  9. RepulseGod / Psyper
  10. TwitchJordyx3 / radius loves you


  1. TriggerQQ Flame / TriggerQQ Uniq
  2. Meta Peterpan / Meta Spidermon
  3. T1 Quickss / T1 Medusa iwnl
  4. TAKAMURAMM iwnl / CR.RizArt_o iwnl
  5. KGA SexyBoy / KGA backho
  6. WGS_Horde / WGS_Qoo
  7. BRZ_SouGaming / 4RaiF_Tonbo
  8. WGS_MacChan / WGS_HOON
  9. TOP_FaxFox / TOP_Banny iwnl
  10. Weibo_ShenLan.CN / Weibo_Aduo.CN


  1. xown iwnl- / 9z king
  2. OnLy ReFleTz / OnLy K-I-N-G
  3. Clipnode / NothingNoname
  4. pfzin / CODE NICKSSS *
  5. RED Snow. / RED Avlr
  6. CODE ZOTIEBOY / Barboysa Lee
  7. CODE leleo / gordiNN
  8. QUASAR Losted / QUASAR Woodzilla
  9. Twitch FebasSZ / nogz iwnl
  10. Twitch troyya / Andreoli-

This group finalizes the player pool for the Fortnite World Cup Finals. The qualifiers provided excellent entertainment for viewers, with the broadcast of the games improving each week. Now, Epic Games takes time to prepare for the largest esports event in history.

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