Final TFT Set 7 Dragonlands PBE changes set for live launch
TFT Sona PBE Set 7 Dragonlands

Final TFT Set 7 Dragonlands PBE changes set for live launch

Sona and Asol are getting nerfed, Talon and Elise are getting buffed

After a long two weeks of testing, the final list of Teamfight Tactics set 7 TFT Dragonlands changes before the official release has been locked in. On Monday night, June 6, TFT’s lead designer, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer made a Twitter post outlining the final changes that players can expect heading into the official launch date which is slated for Wednesday, June 8.

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Many overpowered champions and compositions have been nerfed due to overperformance on the Public Beta Environment testing server. On top of that, some underperforming champions and traits have been buffed.

The nerfs and buffs

Some of the notable nerfs include Ezreal who was scaling way too well into the late game. Many compositions were able to run Ezreal as the primary carry into the end game and even win games without transitioning into a higher-cost champion. The one-cost champion has received a trio of nerfs; the first two come to his ability. His ability will now have a slower attack speed buff and do less damage at all ranks. The most important nerf is actually a bug fix — normally, when a champion casts their ability, they are mana locked, meaning they need to attack in order to cast again.  Ezreal was able to bypass that lock, causing him to do too much damage; this has now been fixed for the live server release.

Other notable nerf targets are Sona, Sy’fen and Aurelion Sol. Sona has been an absolute menace on the PBE, especially when she has a Mage Emblem, which lets her cast her powerful AoE stun spell, front-loaded with a ton of damage, twice. Riot is nerfing her mana cost to bring her power level down — her spell’s max mana is being raised to 160 from 125.

Sy’fen also receives a big change to his ability set this update. Previously, whenever Sy’fen missed a target with his charge ability, he would dash again until it hit a champion. However, this made Sy’fen virtually one-shot any champion whenever he had maximum mana, which players felt made him overpowered. With the new changes, if Sy’fen misses with his ability, he will not recast his ability.

As for Aurelion Sol, he was doing too much damage too fast with a 75 maximum mana spell, moreso when paired with the Mage Emblem. So, to compensate, Aurelion Sol is heading into the Patch 12.11 release with his damage reduced at the one and two-star levels.

As for the buffs heading into the live release of TFT Set 7 Dragonlands, Talon is getting a damage buff on his ability, the Dragonmancer trait is getting buffed at the six interval and Elise is getting a damage buff as well. The full list of changes is available on Mortdog’s tweet above. The Dragonlands set 7 update will launch on June 8.

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