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‘The Journey’ is a new story-based game mode introduced to the FIFA franchise in FIFA 17. It has since had another iteration in the latest title, FIFA 18. In this game mode you follow Alex Hunter, as he climbs the football ladder to super stardom. The mode has also featured characters close to Alex such as Kim, his long-lost sister, and his best friend, Danny, a professional footballer he grew up with.

What Happened?

With the release of FIFA 19 just around the corner, EA Sports has teased new features for ‘The Journey.’ This has caused a huge uproar among every kind of FIFA player. If you look into their most recent trailer on Twitter,  you can see over six-hundred replies which are all asking for the development of Career Mode and Pro Clubs. Figures in the FIFA community have been crying out for development in these two core modes in FIFA for years, just to be disappointed each year when the new title releases and their favorite modes are just a reskin of the previous.

Withdrawal of Features

After doing some research into these modes and playing through them myself, I have found that FIFA 07, a title released in 2006, has more features in career mode than the latest iteration of FIFA. This leads people to wonder: why have these modes been ignored for so many years?

Why are these modes being ignored?

In FIFA 09, EA Sports unveiled a new mode which would change the FIFA franchise for years: Ultimate Team. This is a game mode where you can play games and open packs to create your dream team. Since it has become such a monetary advantage for EA with the sales of FIFA Points, development has only come in this game mode up until FIFA 17, where ‘The Journey’ was introduced.

Ultimate Team is commonly known to be the most popular game mode in FIFA with competitive modes within Ultimate Team offering huge cash prizes for the winner. However, for the player who is still looking to play through the thirty-eight-game season with their favorite club, or for the player who wants to take their virtual selves to super stardom in Pro Clubs, there is no point in buying the new title.

The Community’s Connection with Employees

Figures have been employed by EA to communicate with the community on a regular basis. One community manager, named Corey, who is the main figure when communicating with the community, recently had a Twitter conversation with an upset FIFA fan. Corey was sympathetic towards the fan, who was asking for development in Career Mode.


The community manager goes on to mention that new licenses for leagues and competitions should not be the only changes in Career mode. However, players have spread rumors of the modes being ignored once again.

FIFA players will continue to cry out for this development into FIFA 19. If the developers haven’t already improved these modes, it is surely too late now.