FIFA announces a worldwide eNations series for 2021
FIFA eNation Cup 2021 participating teams
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FIFA announces a worldwide eNations series for 2021

The FIFA eNation Series sees 60 countries across five FIFA zones battle for a spot at the FIFA eNations Cup in Denmark

FIFA has announced the FIFA eNations series for 2021 as part of the new competitive season. The FIFA eNations Series will feature 60 countries across five zones. The FIFA eNations Cup will run from Aug. 20 t0 22 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event boasts a prize pool of $500,000 with only 24 teams.

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All details of the FIFA eNations Series

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The FIFA eNations series will determine which countries qualify for the FIFA eNations Cup. The event will start with online qualifiers across all five zones (South America, North and Central America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia and Oceania). Aside from Europe and South America, all other regions share a partner. This is mostly due to the fact that Europe and South America have more eligible Global Series countries than others.

Moreover, the online qualifiers begin in South America on April 23. They end in Europe on May 23. There will be a group stage for online qualifiers across all five zones. Countries that make it out of the group stage will proceed to the knockout stage Playoffs.

Furthermore, every country must choose two players to represent them. Some countries like the United States and England already have their FIFA eNations series representatives. The mode of selecting representatives depends on the country. However, most countries use tournaments or open qualifiers to choose players. Players will face one another in 1v1 games on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

Spots for eNations Cup vary based on FIFA Zone

In addition to hosting the FIFA eNations Cup, Denmark has automatically qualified for the tournament. This means that the country will not participate in the European online qualifiers.

Denmark’s qualification leaves room for only 23 countries in the FIFA eNations Cup 2021. Each zone has a dedicated number of qualification spots for the event. With 11 spots, Europe holds the highest numbers. Both Asia and Oceania share five.

In South America, only three countries can qualify for the FIFA eNations Cup. While only two countries will qualify in North and Central America, as well as the Middle East and Africa. The FIFA eNations Cup 2021 provides a total of three players representing each nation.

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