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With the latest FIFA 19 update going live, a lot of players have had their stats adjusted. Some teams have fared very well in the update with many of their players receiving significant upgrades. Others have been hard done by, and some have had adjustments that are just plain weird. Let’s examine who are the winners and who are the losers in the latest FIFA 19 update.

Major winners: Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the teams that has been spoilt by EA in this latest update. Virgil Van Dijk, the wonderboy defender for Liverpool, has received very generous upgrades. Van Dijk started this season rated 85 in defending, a good stat for a defender, but nowhere near world class. Now, Liverpool fans will be happy his stats reflect more realistically on him.

His overall rating has been increased from 88 to 89, with his potential also being increased to 91 for those who enjoy the career mode. Heading accuracy has also been upgraded from 83 to 85, reactions 87 to 88, and sprint speed 77 to 79.

Sadio Mane has had his curve increased from 74 to 75 and his volleys jump from 71 to 73. This makes him a more competent striker in-game and adds to Liverpool’s great forwards.

Divock Origi, a name not often said by commentators as Origi hasn’t started very often, has also received upgrades. Mainly focusing on the very important aspect of speed in FIFA, his sprint speed has jumped from 79 to 81 and his acceleration from 76 to 77 to go with it.

Concluding Liverpool’s upgrades is Ovie Ejaria, receiving upgrade to agility (74-77), crossing (60-61) and long shots (52-53).

The losers: Manchester United

To add salt to the wound for Manchester United fans, a lot of United players have been actually downgraded while Liverpool has had nothing but upgrades. Kicking things off is Nemanja Matic. Matic has been in poor form of late and EA has not been kind. The big Serbian’s composure has been reduced from 83 to 82, his interceptions 84 to 82, and his stamina from 83 to 80. What might be the biggest hit is that his overall rating has been downgraded from 84 to 83; the same change happened to his potential.

Defender Phil Jones might have received the worst of the knocks. His balance has been decreased from 59 to 55, his dribbling 59 to 58, long shots 59 to 54, and penalties 55 to 50.

The only player for United that has received upgrades of note is young prodigy Scott McTominay. He played a vital part in United’s win over PSG in the Champions League and his FIFA player has been rewarded. His aggression, positioning, and shot power have been upgraded from 72-74, 61-63, and 71-74 respectively.

The weird

Not all of the updates were easy to explain from EA. Some of the changes to players stats weren’t actually anything to do with their ability. David De Gea, a keeper that’s arguably the best in the English Premier League, hasn’t had his stats decreased but instead has had his weight increased. De Gea’s weight has been increased from 168 lbs to 181lbs. Almost a stone has been added to his weight, which is equally harsh and strange.

Herrera has faced the same, his weight increasing from 154 lbs to 161 lbs. It’s unclear what these changes mean for the players as no strength or speed stats have been altered. Perhaps EA is just trying to reflect reality more. These stats may change who you select as your team in Online Seasons; Liverpool will be one to watch.

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