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FIFA 19 update: New kick-off, survival mode, and more!

September is fast approaching, which means that FIFA 19 is almost here. Earlier this summer I provided you guys with an update on some new features for FIFA 19. Well, today I’m here with an update on the update.

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Below is a list on some of the new FIFA 19 features.

FIFA 19: Kick-Off

One of the more surprising announcements was that FIFA 19 will have new features regarding kick-off. For those who don’t know, kick-off is the mode where you play a “classic match,” 11 v. 11, winner takes all. In previous FIFAs, you would select this mode and face either your friend who’s playing with you or the AI. Now, there are new options that make kick-off more interesting.

To start, you can change your kick-off match to either a Champions League or Europa League match. This means that the match will be re-branded with the logos and commentators from both competitions. You can also play a two-legged match, where you play a home and away game with the same teams. On top of that, you can play in a “Best of Series.” This allows you to play either a three- or five-game series against your friend or the AI.

While these are all cool features, the most interesting one has to be “House Rules.” This feature allows you to set laws on the match. You could potentially ban goals from inside the 18-yard box, or force your friends to score only from volleys or headers. You can also play in survival mode, which takes away players every time someone scores.

Ultimate Team

Besides the announcement that FIFA 19 will have pack odds in Ultimate Team, EA has announced more features for the online mode. Instead of the usual Online Seasons mode, FIFA 19 will have “Division Rivals.” This new game mode features weekly competitions against FIFA players who have a similar skill level as you.

Just like seasons, Division Rivals will have a total of 10 divisions, with the objective being to move up the divisions. Divisional Rivals will also have newly updated objectives for you to achieve. On top of that, Division Rivals will give you Champions Points that can be used to qualify for the Weekend League. When awarded enough Champions Points, you can either enter into that week’s Weekend League or accumulate your points and enter another Weekend League. Ultimate Team is also adding a new Champions Channel, where you can analyze how players performed in the Champions competitions.

FIFA 19 Icons

Like every year, FIFA 19 will feature a group of icon players available on Ultimate Team. These players are regarded as some of the greatest to ever play the game, and they will either make or ruin your day depending on if they are on your team or not. As you can see above, this year’s icons feature some truly great players, including the following:

  • Raúl
  • Claude Makélélé
  • Clarence Seedorf
  • Fabio Cannavaro
  • Roberto Baggio
  • Rivaldo
  • Johan Cryuff
  • Steven Gerrard
  • Eusébio
  • Frank Lampard

FIFA 19 is set to launch worldwide on September 28, so be sure to go out and buy the game.

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