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By this time in previous years, we have already seen the top 100 players that will be in Ultimate Team. We usually see the whole FIFA database of players by the 5th of September. This has been delayed this year due to the unique and odd reveal method of the new Icons in FIFA 19. Today, EA released a short trailer. This showcases various world-class players reacting to their FIFA 19 Ultimate Team ratings. This is known as Ratings Reveal.

Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Thomas Muller, and many more react to their ratings in the video. EA has directed an outrage from players; they all think that their ratings should be higher. One of the best parts of the video is where Kevin De Bruyne gives a statement to the media. He says, “The ratings that were given to us players in previous years cannot continue.” This is obviously a joke; however, it gets players excited to see where their favorite players stack up on the Top 100 list.

What should we expect from Ratings Reveal?

We will see the top 100 players in FIFA Ultimate Team have their ratings, as well as information about the player, revealed. Each day we will see 10 new items revealed. This will most likely go on for a week or so, with numerous amounts of players being revealed at a time.

The players 100-91 have already been revealed, alongside this new trailer. You can check them out on EA’s website here. A lot of players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are already known to be in the top 3 spots when it comes to ratings in FIFA titles. This has been the case in the previous years and will most likely be the case this year.

Where can we find the new ratings?

To keep up with the ratings as soon as they drop, EA FIFA’s Twitter is the best place to go. They will post (most likely at 6 p.m. GMT) each day with a link and image for the next 10 players. In addition to this, Ultimate Team sites such as FUTHEAD and FUTWIZ will certainly keep their player databases up to date. These websites can also be used to create concept teams. This will be perfect once the full database releases, most likely next week.

What did you think of this video? Will you be keeping up with the new ratings reveal? We’d love to hear from you. Daily Esports will be summarizing the Ratings Reveal as soon as all of the players have been revealed. You will be able to find that and the rest of our FIFA coverage here.