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The mid-set expansion for Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos & Gadgets has finally been revealed. Not only does TFT: Neon Nights bring players new champions, traits and augments, it also brings players more cosmetic options in the form of Little Legends, arenas and a new battle pass. Here are all the new TFT Neon Nights little legends and more coming to the live servers in Patch 12.4.

PROJECT: Abyssia

PROJECT: Abyssia brings in the futurisitic Neon Nights theme as the game’s newest Mythic Little Legend. | Provided by Riot Games

Joining the ranks of the three other mythic rarity tacticians, PROJECT: Abyssia is coming to TFT Neon Nights as the newest addition to the high-rarity gang. So far the game has seen URF Dowsie, Year of the Tiger Protector and Firecracker Chibi Jinx. PROJECT: Abyssia comes with a bunch of cool animations which re-creates the Abyssia Little Legend, which first appeared in TFT: Galaxies. This is Abyssia’s first alternate version. Just like the other mythic tacticians, PROJECT: AByssia will have a 2% drop chance in the new little legend eggs coming in TFT: Neon Nights.

Progress Day Little Legends

TFT Neon Nights Little Legends
The cutest Little Legend to appear in the Progress Day patch has to be the Hextech QiQi. | Provided by Riot Games

Speaking of new alternate versions of previous Little Legends, QiQi, Fenroar and Lightcharger will also receive new versions as they are TFT: Neon Nights new Progress Day little legends. Capitalizing on the Arcane-themed expansion, these Progress Day Little Legends feature Piltover inspires aesthetics for each of the three alternative little legends.

Fenroar, QiQi and Lightcharger will each have five new Progress Day versions each.

Qiqi comes in

  • Arcade
  • Electric
  • Groovy
  • Hextech
  • Pulsefire

Fenroar comes in

  • Afterburner
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Hextech
  • Pulsefire
  • Sodapop

Lightcharger comes in

  • Bubblegum
  • Groovy
  • Hextech
  • Hot Rod
  • Pulsefire

Each of these will appear in eggs but can also be purchased from the shop directly.

Battle Pass and Arena’s

TFT Neon Nights Little Legends
Of course the new battle pass had to include a new River Sprite. | Provided by Riot Games

Finally, there is the battle pass. Just like previous battle passes, players will receive a new river sprite, this time it’s the Plant Buddy sprite. Alongside the new river sprite, the other battle pass exclusive little legend is the botanical-themed Socialite Nixie. The battle pass features everything players have come to know and love about the TFT battle passes but with an extra benefit this time around.

For the firs time ever, the TFT Neon Nights battle pass will feature a premium arena called the Toxitorium. | Provided by Riot Games

For the first time ever, the TFT Neon Nights battle pass will feature a premium arena, like the ones that normally cost RP to purchase from the shop. In the TFT Neon Nights battle pass, players will be able to earn the Toxitorium arena, which is also botanical-themed like the rest of the battle pass.

The Hextech Battle Arena comes with their own announcers and will be available for purchase when TFT Neon Nights launches in Patch 12.4. | Provided by Riot Games

However, there is one new premium arena available for purchase. The Hextech Battle arena, which looks like something straight out of Real Steel will be in the shop. This arena comes with announcers that will cast player’s games as they happen.

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