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On November 25, a personal document written by  OfflineTV content creator Federico Michael “FEDMYSTER” Gaytan leaked. The GoogleDoc exposed Twitch personality Imane “Pokimane” Anys of emotional manipulation. This year, fellow streamers Yvonne “Yvonnie” Ng and Lily “LilyPichu” Ki accused FEDMYSTER of sexual misconduct. According to the pair, FEDMYSTER inappropriately touched them on several occasions. As a result, FEDMYSTER was released from OfflineTV and has taken a social media hiatus.

The situation escalated when a friend and fellow OfflineTV roommate Pokimane elaborated on details regarding the allegations. During a Twitch broadcast, she accused FEDMYSTER of making unwanted romantic advances. Furthermore, she stated he engaged in toxic gossip about Yvonnie to have her released from OfflineTV, allegedly. Pokimane said the uncomfortable interactions contributed to her moving out of the group’s home. Despite the accusations piling up, FEDMYSTER remained silent for months.

Destiny exposes FEDMYSTER’s leaked document

On November 25, popular streamer Steven Kenneth “Destiny” Bonnell II exposed the leaked documents on his stream. It’s said that Destiny received the GoogleDoc link from an anonymous Twitter account. The streamer read through FEDMYSTER’s record in front of thousands of viewers, analyzing the screenshots and accusations. In the document, FEDMYSTER claimed his write-up goal was not to discredit the claims made by LilyPichu or Yvonnie. Instead, he intends to “address the individuals that [he] believes are twisting the truth for their own benefit.” 

Pokimane Fedmyster
A few screenshots posted in the document indicating a romantic relationship with Pokimane.

Throughout the document, FEDMYSTER reveals private messages between himself and Pokimane. The screenshots draw a picture of a budding romantic relationship between the pair, which contradicts statements made by Pokimane. Furthermore, the document disproves claims made by Pokimane’s statements accusing him of plotting to have Yvonnie removed from OfflineTV. On the contrary, the messages imply that Pokimane was working behind Yvonnie’s back and trying to get her fired. For fans of the OfflineTV crew, the document incriminates Pokimane. As a result, she’s been under fire for her apparent lying and emotional manipulation.

What has come to be known as FEDMYSTER’s “manifesto” concluded with Fedmyster stating he felt Pokimane used the situation to “cover up her own insecurities and failures.” Furthermore, he said it was “abundantly evident that she was at the center of collecting information about me and passing that onto our friends.” In conclusion, FEDMYSTER states he felt Pokimane twisted the situation and manipulated others to align with her narrative because of a lingering “resentment about what [they] had.”