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Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler is an inspirational individual in the Fortnite community. In July, she was the first female member to join FaZe Clan. Now, she has also become the latest content creator to follow the trend started by Ninja and Shroud and depart from Twitch to move over to Mixer.


Who is Ewok?

Ewok is a deaf, 13-year-old Fortnite content creator. She is an extremely good player and doesn’t let her disability hold her back. She has competed in tournaments along with other great players and performed well above expectations. After all that effort, she caught the eye of FaZe Clan and joined them back in July as their first female player.

Many view Ewok as an inspiration to young women and gamers with disabilities, proving that hard work and passion can overcome even the toughest obstacles.

A new competitor has joined the lobby

Obviously, Mixer is aggressively recruiting Twitch partners to move to their platform. Taking names like Ninja and Shroud away from Twitch was a very good starting point. Ewok may not be as big as them, but her joining them proves that Mixer is actively seeking communities of all sizes.

Aside from Mixer’s methods to recruit content creators, though, why are people leaving Twitch? Well, it seems Twitch is having issues with enforcing their terms of service fairly. The most memorable incident of this came when Alinity threw her cat over her head on stream. Twitch issued no punishment for this, or for a clip emerging of her spitting vodka in a cat’s mouth. Following this incident, however, Twitch has also seen a number of wrongful bans. Streamers have received bans for saying things they never said, and it seems little investigation is going into these actions.

While Mixer is nowhere close to competing with Twitch for hours watched, this could change quickly if more and more streamers switch to their service. Do you think Mixer will be able to overtake Twitch? Let us know your opinion!

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