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The Fortnite World Cup Week 5 Solo competition displayed the tournament without Ballers and other vehicles. While some professionals were upset, most players appreciated the change. Epic Games disabled vehicles for Sunday’s Online Open. The lack of vehicles did not stop the best players from performing. Danny “Dubs” Walsh and Cody “Clix” Conrod finished among the top of the NA East leaderboards once again. In the European region, Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen and “Atlantis Letshe” qualified for the finals while putting on a show.

Dubs does it again

Dubs, a recent FaZe Clan acquisition, finished at the top of the NA East leaderboard. He has now finished in the top 6 spots for all three Solo competitions. This week was by far the most impressive. Dubs navigated through a new meta and game without vehicles. There were multiple changes to gameplay, but Dubs still came out on top by a large margin. For him to show consistency in a game based on RNG and constant gameplay changes is incredible.

The list of players who qualified for both Solos and Duos grows

In Week 5, many more players booked their ticket to New York City. A few more now have a spot in both the Duos and Solo Finals. This week Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen and Williams “Zayt” Aubin both locked in their spot for the Solos. They had already qualified for Duos in the weeks before. There are now a total of seven players qualified for both competitions.

Fortnite World Cup Week 5 standings

The players in bold have qualified for the Fortnite World Cup 2019 Finals in New York City, and those listed with an asterisk are already confirmed. The number of teams that qualify varies by region.

NA East

  1. FaZe Dubs.*
  2. NRG Zayt
  3. MSF Clix*
  4. RougeShark_
  5. kolorful
  6. FaZe Megga.
  7. BuckeFPS
  8. Klass.
  9. Ghost Snood
  10. Ferrrnando

NA West

  1. Liquid Riversan *
  2. WBG Rhux
  3. Twitch Pzuhs
  4. Symetrical
  5. Twitch Maximoe
  6. LK Mony
  7. Arkhram1x
  8. WBG Visz
  9. 100T SirD
  10. AE rehx


  1. Atlantis Letshe
  2. AGO JarkoS
  3. N47 Klusia
  4. NRG MrSavageM
  5. Ghost Issa
  6. MGA Snayzy
  7. Fnatic smeef
  8. DualMedia BlastR
  9. FACT lolb0om
  10. Twitch.ChronoFN


  1. Link
  2. twitter sozmann
  3. skyla
  4. utube worthyy
  5. Twitch KquidAU
  6. JAM zoreh
  7. Psyper
  8. Gooboz
  9. twins iwnl
  10. SpeedyND


  1. Meta Peterpan
  2. GE_milfy1
  3. NewbeeXXM
  4. KGA SexyBoy
  5. Meta SinOoh
  6. SV_Hootin.CN
  7. Rz. 0 Ping
  8. WGS_Sopra
  9. Newbee_WenQian
  10. SV_peach.CN


  2. RED technoviking
  3. Code W7M-Nicks
  4. Just fakkz
  5. Heretics Chiguaツ
  6. G.V. sheco
  7. ImLasers *
  8. Gabriel MysticK
  9. INTZ histtory
  10. NothingNoname

Check out the scoring system for the events here!

Each week we’ll recap the players who qualified. Make sure to stay up to date with all your Fortnite news.