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FaZe Clan is partnering with Canadian actor, comedian and filmmaker Seth Rogen to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s.

HFC, or “Hilarity For Charity,” is a nonprofit movement led by Seth Rogen and his spouse Lauren Miller. The organization’s mission is to help those affected by Alzheimer’s. Ultimately, HFC is devoted to caring for families, educating young people and activating the next generation of Alzheimer’s advocates.

FaZe Clan will host the HFC Charity Livestream event alongside Seth Rogen to raise awareness and funds for the HFC movement. Additionally, Seth Rogen will face against FaZe Clan Co-owner Richard “Banks” Bengston and content creator Nate Hill in Rocket League. There will also be special appearances from Adin Ross and Mike Majlik. While the livestream event will primarily be in effort to raise awareness for this important cause, this will be Rogen’s first introduction to the gaming scene.

FaZe Clan continue to give back to the community

The FaZe Clan x HFC livestream event is brokered by a media company known as Brand Knew, located in Los Angeles, California. Brand Knew’s involvement in the event stems from a shared desire to raise awareness and an open dialogue around Alzheimer’s. The stream will begin with Rogen and Nate Hill playing the popular soccer racing game Rocket League. Next, Rogen will play alongside FaZe Banks and other special guests. In addition, there will be a constant emphasis on the importance of living a brain-healthy lifestyle.

“I can’t wait to join forces with FaZe Clan to have some fun and to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and the importance of brain health,” Seth Rogen said.

FaZe Clan continues to find innovative ways to give back and shed light on causes that are important. In fact, in March of 2020, FaZe Clan participated in Verizon’s Pay It Forward Live series to assist businesses affected by the pandemic. Viewers can catch the HFC Charity Livestream on Thursday, June 17. The event will exclusively be on FaZe Clan’s Twitch channel at 5 p.m. ET.