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FaZe Clan has announced the signing of Jason “firstkiller” Corral for Rocket League Championship Series Season 11. The young star comes over from Rogue.

Firstkiller’s signing had been rumored for a while. The player was a coveted pickup when he turned 15 years old, the eligible age to compete in Rocket League, back in 2019 and has been on Rogue since becoming eligible (not counting his nine-day stint on Ghost Gaming, where he never made his debut). On FaZe he joins the duo of Austin “Ayyjayy” Aebi” and Braxton “Allushin” Lagarec while taking Jirair “Gyro.” Papazian’s place, who in turn has been signed by Rogue.

FaZe snatched up a superstar with Firstkiller

Firstkiller is widely considered as one of, if not the, best player in the world. At the very least, he is considered by many as the best player in North America. With Rogue, he had impressive individual performances, but Rogue ultimately could not make a deep run in the RLCS X Championships. They finished in fourth place in the regular season, but lost both their match ups in the Championships, finishing fifth.

With FaZe, Firstkiller looks to aim to finish higher than before. FaZe clinched an RLCS X Championships spot on the final match day of last season, but could not make it past the first round and finished in last place. While placing top six in a region as competitive as North America is nothing to scoff at, FaZe clearly have set their sights on more ambitious goals.

“Really excited to dominate the scene with my insane teammates,” Firstkiller said on Twitter.

FaZe is likely to become a strong mechanical team, with Firstkiller and Ayyjayy as the creative masterminds. Both were the shining stars of their respective teams and now that they have teamed up, fans can look forward to many individual highlight plays.