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FaZe Clan is celebrating its 10th anniversary by taking part ownership in gamer nutrition brand CTRL. The meal replacement startup announced the deal as the first time FaZe is taking a co-owner position with another brand. Future plans for the brand include global expansion, new flavors, and new marketing strategies.

CTRL is just one out of many meal replacement programs in existence. The brand, following the motto “catered to real life,” is focused on gamer lifestyle and experiences. The healthy food supplement is designed to provide a mixture of proteins, vitamins, and more all in cereal-flavored packaging.

So why does FaZe Clan take an interest in branding with the startup? Sundance DiGiovanni, co-founder of CTRL and Major League Gaming, stated: “This deal represents the next step in the evolution of esports,” and FaZe Clan is a force in “culture and business.”

FaZe Clan and CTRL

FaZe Clan has established itself as one of the most influential gaming organizations since 2010. With over 230 million social media followers, it has engaged in several unexplored areas within the esports industry. From partnering with NBA and NFL stars to owning several esports teams, FaZe is both an esports organization and lifestyle brand.

Its deal with CTRL can grow the startup at a rapid pace, competing with several other meal replacement brands. Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe Clan, shared his thoughts on the shift in focus: “FaZe Clan has long championed the importance of health and fitness for gamers. By taking a stake in CTRL, we can bring much-needed attention to the importance of better nutrition and provide a healthy option built especially for gamers.”

A new addition to the gaming lifestyle

Although CTRL’s flavoring may taste like your favorite cereal, the ingredients include plenty of healthy fats, fiber, and more. The protein shake was created with the idea of presenting healthy options to gamers.

“People generally think of gamers as kids in their mom’s basement drinking soda and eating potato chips,” said FaZe Clan founder FaZe Temperrr. “With CTRL, we’re introducing a healthy option to the gaming community and letting our fans know that nutrition is extremely important to us.”

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