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FaZe Clan has released a Twitter statement regarding Nordan “FaZe Rain” Shat’s concerning behavior in a recent Instagram live stream. In the now-deleted stream, viewers watched as Rain consumed drugs while going on a rant. He was also seen drinking lean, which is a mix of codeine cough syrup, soda, and hard candies. The dangerous behavior caused fans to raise questions on whether Rain was safe, sparking concern over social media. As clips of the stream went viral, FaZe Clan addressed the situation with a plead for privacy.

On Wednesday night, FaZe shared a Twitter post expressing its views on what had transpired. “FaZe Clan does not condone his behavior and use of illegal drugs, and we have been working relentlessly to get him professional help.” In late May, following a series of rash statements on Twitter, FaZe kicked out the 24-year old professional gamer in hopes of controlling his behavior. Although FaZe owner Richard “FaZe Banks” Bengston offered to help him through some issues, Rain continued to speak his mind on social media.

A mess of a live stream

Rain’s live stream attracted over 31 thousand viewers. In the first half of the video, he is seen ranting about how he received no compensation over some of his YouTube content. Additionally, he says that other YouTubers produce fake content. “Those 1oK challenges, those 1K challenges, those Tweets, fake… I play for passion, I’m different than ya’ll.” Towards the end of the video, he begins to take drugs and drink in front of the camera. “If I wanna sip lean, if I wanna f-n do that, I can.”

Luckily, Nikan “FaZe Nikan” Nadim, Thomas “FaZe Temperrr” Oliveira, and Jakob “Teeqo” Swarden arrived on time to stop the stream. They are heard entering Rain’s room and attempting to reason with him, hoping he stops the stream.

Asking for privacy

Due to Rain’s behavior being extremely dangerous, FaZe asked for the media and fans to support him by providing positive words. The organization also shared SAMHSA’s National Helpline for those who are also struggling with drugs and mental health.

After the situation slowed down, Rain returned to Instagram, this time thanking his teammates for stepping in. After some time, he stated that he is done with drugs and is only looking to get better. Although he shared these sentiments, he began another Twitter rant Wednesday night, suggesting that someone makes him “wanna sleep forever.”

Fans have responded to his tweets with supportive and empathetic words. On FaZe’s post, the comments range from relief to fear to thankfulness.

At the point of time, there are no updates or new comments from either Rain or FaZe Clan.

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