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A neat graph showing where a Pokemon's EVs are in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | From The Pokemon Company and Game Freak

Fastest EV training guide for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Raising a competitive team in Pokémon games has always been a time consuming endeavor. However, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet adds plenty of quality of life improvements to make getting the best version of your team much easier.

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With Pokémon now appearing in the overworld, the Power Items being cheap purchases in the starting area, and the ability to make encounter-boosting sandwiches make the once daunting task of EV training much more efficient.

EV training preparation

First, you’ll want to go to Delibird Presents, located in Mesagoza, to purchase each of the Power Items (Power Weight, Power Bracer, Power Belt, Power Band, Power Anklet) for Pokédollar10,000 each. These items give +8 EVs to the stat they increase, so keep that in mind when you’re counting after each battle.

For a quick calculation, it’ll take exactly 28 battles with a Pokémon granting 1 EV to reach the maximum optimal number of 252 in a stat (26 if you’re farming Pokémon that grant 2 EVs).

ev training
Delibird Presents Shop in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | From The Pokémon Company and Game Freak

Vitamins are also purchasable for Pokédollar10,000 each, and if you’ve got the funds, can be an easy way to boost a Pokémon’s EVs all the way to 252 or any interval of 10. Feathers are also easy ways to grant specific EVs at one point per feather, so if you’ve completed a high number of raid battles, you may already have a ton of resources to EV train easily.

Speaking of raid rewards, EV-reducing berries are included in the pool of raid rewards, but they can also be found for sale at the Porto Marinada auctions. These berries reduce EVs by 10 (basically the opposite as the vitamins) so these will help if you make a mistake or want to change your EV spread later on.

Next, it’s recommended you take advantage of the encounter-boosting sandwiches to speed up the rate you encounter specific Pokémon. You can also eat at a restaurant or food stand to gain the respective Encounter Power, but either way, getting just a single level of a type’s Encounter Power will greatly speed up your EV training.

Final things to keep in mind

  • Auto-battling does NOT grant any EVs
  • Your entire team gains EVs after KO’ing a Pokémon
  • Power Items also work on KO’d Pokémon
  • Plan spreads ahead of time and use the PP on your Pokémon’s attacks to keep count
  • Catching a Pokémon also grants EVs

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Where to EV train each stat


Azurill – 1 base EV

Location: South of Los Platos (near the river)

Chansey – 2 base EVs

Location: Area Zero or south of Team Star’s Fairy Base


Shinx – 1 base EV

Location: East of Mesagoza

Paldean Tauros – 2 base EVs

Location: South of Levincia


Tarountula & Scatterbug – 1 base EV (each)

Location: South of Mesagoza

Orthworm – 2 base EVs

Location: Asado Desert

Special Attack

Psyduck – 1 base EV

Location: South of Los Platos (near river)

Flaaffy – 2 base EVs

Location: East of Porto Marinada

Special Defense

Spoink – 1 base EV

Location: East of Mesagoza

Gothorita -2 base EVs

Location: Near Alfornada


Fletchling/Rookidee – 1 base EV

Location: South of Mesagoza

Cyclizar – 2 base EVs

Location: South of Levincia or east of Porto Marinada

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