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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is coming to an end sometime in the next two months. We don’t currently have a date nor any clues as to what Epic Games is planning. However, we do know that February is the month that will introduce Chapter 2 Season 2. What’s to be included in Season 2 is even more of a mystery than the end of Season 1. There have been no leaks whatsoever, so we’re completely in the dark. But this doesn’t stop the Fortnite community from coming up with its own ideas of how Season 2 will look.

Could a return to the Fortnite Chapter 1 map be in the works?

The Fortnite community is famous — sometimes infamous — for its creativity with different concepts. From skin designs to Limited-Time Mode ideas, the fans never stop creating. Epic Games has even stated that some in-game designs draw inspiration from fan-made concepts.

So, with such a huge uncertainty around Season 2, it’s natural that the community would take it upon itself to try to figure out what’s going to happen. One fan-made concept recently went viral on Reddit, and it’s within the realm of possibility.

What if we come back to our Chapter 1 map after it being abandoned for 5 years after The End event… from FortNiteBR

This concept delves into the idea of returning to the Chapter 1 map, but years after The End event took place, meaning the map would’ve undergone some changes. One Reddit user in the comments, u/Gregory5363, expanded on this concept, saying that perhaps the Chapter 1 map would be overgrown with fauna and the houses would be unkempt after years of no one living there.

Also, Gregory5363 floated the idea of the next few seasons being focused around rebuilding the map to its former glory. This would certainly match Fortnite‘s theme of constantly changing things up on the map.

There’s no certainty when it comes to the next installment of Fortnite. However, Epic Games could see some success if they drew inspiration from their community’s ideas.

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