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Yesterday, we learned that the Fall Guys developers are not working on porting the game to other platforms, because they want to focus on making Fall Guys the best it can be. Apparently, making the game the best it can be includes something called “Big Yeetus.”

So the Big Yeetus is a giant hammer that will randomly appear in levels, it seems. Mediatonic is rather quick to point out that Big Yeetus rolls chaotic neutral, so it’s neither your friend nor your enemy.

From the GIF they included, it appears that other random changes to content include large rolling fruit. Perhaps the fruit is the sign of another at random appearances in levels? Perhaps more random level variances are coming to Fall Guys?  That’s one way to constantly keep players on their toes.

What else is next for Fall Guys?

The only other new content we are aware of is the teased season 2, and all we know from that is it will have a medieval theme. But then again, do you really need to know more about season 2 other than the fact that it has a medieval theme? Who wouldn’t love jelly bean wizards and knights in shining armor? Surely there’s going to be moats too, right? And who doesn’t love a good moat?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout released just one month ago and quickly swept online multiplayer fans across the globe. In a matter of weeks, Fall Guys became the most-watched game on Twitch, dethroning League of Legends, which had the crown for quite a long time. Then the game became the most downloaded title on PlayStation Plus. With the first professional esports team already signed, it seems that Fall Guys is only going to go up from here. As long as it stays on top of the variety, which it certainly is, the sky could be the limit for Mediatonic.

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