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One of the most famous names in esports is getting his very own ice cream in South Korea. SKT T1’s renowned League of Legends player, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, now has a brand of ice cream. It even comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Apple flavors.

Who is Faker?

If by some miracle you aren’t familiar with the name, here are some of Faker’s accolades. Faker first started his professional League of Legends career with SKT T1 in Season 3 when he was a top Solo Queue player. He was 17 years old at the time. That season, he blew expectations out of the water, and his team won the Season 3 World Championship.

SKT T1 would go on to win two more World Championships with Faker, as well as eight LCK titles and two MSIs. He was the first League of Legends player to make it to the Esports Hall of Fame from the ESL. Faker is widely known as the best League of Legends player ever to play professionally.

Faker remains active in League of Legends to this date and serves as a part-owner of his team, SKT T1. People consider him one of the best players in the game even now, and he still regularly streams on Twitch.

About the ice cream

Korean confectionery company Lotte Confectionery recognized Faker as a popular advertising model and announced the ice cream. The company will also sponsor the LCS this year. This means there’s a solid chance of other League of Legends-themed ice creams.

Lotte Confectionery’s parent company, World Con, is the top seller of frozen ice cream in the world and has been for the last 20 years. Pairing with professional gamers seems like a great strategy for the company, especially given current events.

Faker’s name on the ice cream will surely draw in fans. While there’s no mention of the ice cream coming to other areas of the world, keep an eye out for esports-themed dessert foods in the future!

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