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The third annual EVO Japan took place this past weekend in Chiba, Japan and saw an incredible amount of talented players from all over the world come to compete. This year the headlining games were Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (which had almost 3,000 entrants!), Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Tekken 7, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Samurai Shodown, and Soulcalibur VI. Even the lower entry events like Soulcalibur VI still saw close to 500 registered competitors. The event was a wonderful showcase of talented players for each game represented.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate results

EVO Japan Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

1. SST|Shuton (Olimar)
2. Kome (Shulk)
3. Tea (Pac-Man)
4. R2G|Paseriman (Fox)
5. GW|Zackray (R.O.B., Joker, Mario)
5. TG|Raito (Duck Hunt, Banjo-Kazooie)
7. KEN (Sonic)
7. Shky (Zero Suit Samus)

Street Fighter V results

street fighter v champion edition

1. DNG|Nauman (Sakura)
2. Mago (Cammy, Karin)
3. FAV|Sako (Menat, Kage)
4. NuckleDu (G, R. Mika, Cammy, Guile)
5. Infiltration (Juri, Menat, Kolin)
5. DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Abigail, Zangief)
7. Trashbox (Birdie, Ed)
7. YG|Machabo (Necalli)

Having probably the most surprising results of the event, Nauman was able to take the infamously mid-tier Sakura all the way to Grand Finals and win the whole tournament. He was able to show the dedication and practice he has put into the character by taking down dozens of top-tier characters. Nauman’s performance truly showcases what a good spot SFV is currently in, as while there are certainly strong characters, almost any character can perform well with the right player.

Tekken 7 results

EVO Japan

1. Talon|Book (Leroy)
2. ITO|Mikio (Julia)
3. COOASGAMES|Noroma (Leroy, Steve)
4. EQNX|Ulsan (Kazumi, Bob, Leroy)
5. Liquid|Gen (Leroy, Shaheen)
5. THY|Chikurin (Leroy)
7. Masa (Leroy)
7. Zeugal (Leroy)

The Leroy apocalypse was in full force as the recently released DLC character once again completely dominated a major tournament. After EVO Japan the team at Bandai Namco very quickly announced a balance patch would be coming, so severe nerfs to Leroy are to be expected in the near future.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle results

EVO Japan

1. YG|Kubo (Yumi, Seth)
2. GRPT|DoraBang (Naoto S., Merkava | ν -No.13-, Naoto K. | Others)
3. nk_P (Chie, Vatista)
4. SPB|Noble (Carmine, Vatista | Carmine, Heart | Akatsuki, Heart)
5. Shiroitori (Yosuke, Seth)
5. LOK|Shige (Orie, Izayoi | Weiss, Orie)
7. Sakura Yukke (Yumi, Adachi)
7. Pizamayo (Yuzuriha, Hilda | Blake, Teddie)

Samurai Shodown results

samurai shodown

1. Gamera (Shiki)
2. Emujima (Shizumaru)
3. AMTRS|Score (Haohmaru)
4. 7144|Hishow (Shizumaru, Charlotte)
5. Betel (Jubei)
5. KROne|AbaO (Shizumaru)
7. Katsuji (Wan-Fu, Jubei)
7. Teru (Haohmaru)

Soulcalibur VI results

soulcalibur vi

1. BDG|BlueGod (Azwel)
2. Yuttoto (Voldo, Zasalamel, Raphael, Azwel)
3. Illusion|Linkorz (Geralt, Siegfried)
4. PG|Shen Chan (Tira)
5. Oplon|Skyll (Mitsurugi)
5. ASL|TheKura (Kilik)
7. Jashin (Hilde)
7. PULSAR|Noobicyde (Azwel)

Soulcalibur VI continues to impress as EVO Japan’s top 8 contained players from multiple different countries, including France and America. Not only that, character diversity in top 8 was also on full display with a variety of wildly different characters making appearances. But it was all taken by America’s BlueGod and his infamously oppressive Azwel.

In addition, we got a couple of new trailers dropped at the event. Soulcalibur VI finally gave fans their first look at gameplay of Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown as the next DLC and guest character, and he looks great.

Lastly, we got our first look at the next season of DLC for Samurai Shodown with a new trailer showcasing three new characters. Those characters are Mina Majikina, Sogetsu Kazama, and Iroha.

Sadly, we did not hear any news on the upcoming King of Fighters 15, but the game is still scheduled to release this year. So we should be seeing something sooner rather than later.

All in all, EVO Japan was a wonderful event with plenty of great matches and surprises for competitors and spectators alike. Next up, the main EVO event will take place July 31 – Aug. 2 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.