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Popular esports organization Evil Geniuses has partnered with beer company Bud Light, connecting its players to the popular beer brand. This announcement also includes League of Legends player Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen joining the Bud Light Lounge, following the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), this Sunday.

Michael Fudzinski, Chief Revenue Officer at Evil Geniuses, seems happy about the partnership. Fudzinski stated that “Bud Light is renowned for their support of elite organizations across sports and entertainment, and the pairing with EG and our 21+ year history represents the latest continuation of this legacy that our fans and the community will celebrate.” This new connection to bud Light will transfer over to all of Evil Geniuses’ esports players. This includes its Valorant team, even with how recently they were announced.

Bud Light is an active supporter of esports. Some of the brand’s previous partners include the Overwatch League and more recently the entire LCS. In fact, in these previous partnerships, the company used the “official beer of esports” tagline.

Bud Light x Evil Geniuses.
Image via Evil Geniuses.

Evil Geniuses and Bud Light partner for new series

In this particular deal, Bud Light and Evil Geniuses promise to deliver more content together. This includes a new series coined “Evil Intercepts.” This series will show in-game communications, banter, and other funny highlights from LCS runs. Focusing on the five rift players for their next games, this series will show more of the team.

But, this partnership isn’t just for the LCS, as other members of Evil Geniuses will appear on other content. This includes popular esports figures like Dominique “SonicFox” McLean and Jon “dekillsage” Coello. Joe Barnes, Director of Bud Light Sports Marketing & Head of Esports and Gaming, talked about the partnership. “Bud Light has always sought out new ways to engage sports fans and our new partnership with Evil Geniuses give us an opportunity to further engage LCS fans,” said Barnes. “We look forward to bringing 21+ gaming fans even more unique gaming content on our Twitch channels which is perfect for both our established fanbase and for those just getting into esports.”

The first sign of this new partnership will be on show this Sunday. Svenskeren will appear on the Bud Light League Lounge on Twitch, after the LCS games, to talk about the matches and this new partnership.