Everything you need to know about the OWL 2022 Midseason Madness
Los Angeles Gladiators OWL 2022
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Everything you need to know about the OWL 2022 Midseason Madness

The second stage of the OWL 2022 season brings the first international playoffs of the year

The second stage of the Overwatch League (OWL) 2022 season, Midseason Madness, starts on June 16. Here is the starting week’s schedule, how to watch it, and what to expect for the playoffs for this tournament.

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The second stage starts soon

After the Kickoff Clash finishing with the Seoul Dynasty and LA Gladiators crowned as the two champions, Midseason Madness starts on June 16 at 3 PM EST. The first three days of this first week only have three games per day, but the Sunday June 19 will have four to round the weekend out.

Midseason Madness has the Western teams facing each other first. The Kickoff Clash champions Los Angeles Gladiators play against the Vancouver Titans and then Paris Eternal on Friday and Saturday. The tournament will also have a couple of notable rematches from the Kickoff Clash playoffs, including the Dallas Fuel facing off against both the San Francisco Shock and Atlanta Reign. Dallas previously faced these two teams in order to reach the finals against the eventual champions, and they will face both teams again this weekend.

The Eastern teams won’t start until the second week of the tournament. Those matches begin on June 24 at 6 AM EST, starting with the Philadelphia Fusion versus the Los Angeles Valiant. The second Kickoff Clash champions, the Seoul Dynasty, will play just after that against the Chengdu Hunters.

OWL 2022 Midseason Madness will be streamed live on the Overwatch League YouTube channel.

International tournaments begin

As earlier confirmed by the Overwatch League team, Midseason Madness is the beginning of international playoffs for the 2022 season. The Kickoff Clash couldn’t make the two regions meet due to timing, but the Hawaii tournaments are coming back. Much like the previous Hawaii tournaments in the Overwatch League, playoffs will begin in each region. However, as the top teams are narrowed down, the Western teams will meet in Hawaii and face off with minor ping against the Eastern teams. The Eastern teams will remain at their respective home facilities as before.

Now, Midseason Madness leads to the one team that will gain the title of best OWL team in both 2022 and the inaugural season of Overwatch 2.

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