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Competitive Halo is back with Halo Infinite, baby. The Halo Championship Series will host both pro and amateur teams in online and in-person tournaments. The Open series will feature any and all up-and-coming teams in a series of qualification matches. The winners will get the chance to play against top organizations.

Competing regions include North America (US/Canada/Puerto Rico), Europe, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand. The first open event for all region takes place on Nov. 20. Teams will need to register their Xbox Live Account, Faceit.com accounts and an Esports Engine platform account.

Teams can register for the first event here. Follow FaceIt’s Halo page on Twitter for sign up links for future open tournaments. Don’t have a team? Look for other free agents in the Faceit Halo Discord server.

What’s the schedule for the Halo Championship Series Open?

Halo Championship Series

The full list of dates for each Open can be found on Halo Waypoint. There will be all-amateur online tournaments run by Faceit, a pro series where pro teams face each other and amateur teams online, one online super and in-person regionals for each region and three Majors throughout 2022. All these events will be open to sign-ups, although some events will be exclusive for a specific region.

It will all come together for the Halo World Championship in Seattle on Oct. 20, 2022.

How can I watch the Halo Championship Series?

You can tune into the the Halo Championship Series on both Twitch and YouTube, although Twitch will feature drops for those who have their accounts connected. You can tune in to these various channels to catch the action:

Viewers will be able to earn rewards by watching the HCS Kickoff Major in Raleigh from Dec. 17-19.