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The first open bracket Super Smash Bros. Ultimate major of the next PGR season is only a few days away. Collision 2022 will kick off in North Bergen, New Jersey, on March 12.

With 837 entrants, this event is on track to be the biggest Smash Ultimate tournament since Low Tide City in October of 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about Tri-state’s next major Smash event.

Smash Ultimate fans can catch all of the action at Collision 2022 on the CollisionSmash and HouseOf3000 Twitch channels. While the Breakpoint pre-local will take place on March 11, the main tournament will kick off with a doubles bracket at 10 a.m. ET on March 12. Additionally, all four waves of Singles pools will happen on March 12.

The top 128 of Singles will begin at 11:30 a.m. ET on March 13. The tournament will culminate with the top eight starting at 6 p.m. ET. In addition, players who do not qualify for top 128 of Singles will have the option to participate in a Squad Strike side bracket on March 13.

Players to watch in Ultimate Singles

This past weekend, Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez earned his first major victory to date at Smash Ultimate Summit 4. Although he is the second seed at Collision 2022, behind Leonardo “MkLeo” López Pérez, all eyes will be on Sparg0 as he attempts to recreate his invitational success at an open bracket event.

Meanwhile, MkLeo is fresh off of a fourth-place finish at Smash Ultimate Summit 4, his worst offline performance since Get On My Level in May of 2019. At Collision, MkLeo will undoubtedly aim for grand finals again, in an attempt to reclaim the consistency that has defined his career over the past three years.

Collision 2022 will also be Chris “Quidd” Rella’s first major tournament since he won Let’s Make Big Moves 2022. However, Collision will feature more top-level talent than LMBM did. As a result, it could be Quidd’s first chance of the year to test his mettle against top 10 players besides Kolawole “Kola” Aideyan.

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