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The vote-in process for The Hidden Temple, a Smash Summit-esque Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl invitational, concluded Sunday. During the voting period, the NASB community raised nearly $20,000 toward covering players’ expenses and increasing the tournament’s prize pool.

Here’s everything NASB fans need to know about the game’s first in-person major since Nick @ Nightclub in November of 2021.

What is The Hidden Temple?

The Hidden Temple is a 16-person invitational event hosted by Maximillian “Max Ketchum” Krchmar, Even Matchup Gaming and NASB publisher GameMill Entertainment. Max Ketchum announced that the tournament will be livestreamed on Twitch, and it will take place from Feb. 25-27 in Passaic, New Jersey.

Alongside the main bracket, the tournament will feature a number of side events. These include a reverse main bracket, a Jeopardy game with Nickelodeon trivia and “The Fry Cook Games,” where four competitors will “try to grill the best Krabby Patty in town.”

Though fans can no longer vote players into The Hidden Temple, the online shop will remain open until shortly after the tournament ends. As a result, viewers can still purchase Nickelodeon-themed merchandise and contribute to the tournament’s prize pool.

Meet the competitors

Four players made it into The Hidden Temple through the voting process. Bryson “Tuscuu” Jones led the charge with 7,271 votes. In addition, Chris “Jut” Atalaya, Jean-Michel “Karkat” Thompson and Sanji Watsuki will attend the tournament as vote-ins.

Another four players qualified for the invitational by winning online tournaments. Chris “Musky_EXE” Pelton won the Thirsty Thursday weekly on Jan. 27. Meanwhile, Lio conquered The F.U.N Invitational on Feb. 5. Finally, Nasir “BlazingPasta” Green and Theodore “squible” Landegger qualified at PX Nick on Valentine’s Day by winning the East Coast and West Coast brackets, respectively.

The following eight players received direct invitations to The Hidden Temple:

  • Aaron “Bodedee” Hansen
  • Aaron “tafaar” Hill
  • Calvin “calvinkaio” Hedlund
  • Bryan “as4p” A.
  • Tyler “mirrorman” Morgan
  • Jared “husky” Ferguson
  • Joshua “pink” Lewis
  • Androoovii

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