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Aliens have invaded Fortnite Season 7. They’ve brought new weapons, map changes, different gameplay mechanics and more to the battle royale. This is your one stop shop for everything that’s new in the game after Epic Games’ most recent update.

The map is still relatively similar to what it looked like in Season 6. A handful of new named locations, new NPC alien invaders and IO guards from previous seasons make up the majority of what’s new on Fortnite island.

What you need to know about Fortnite Season 7:

What are the map changes to Fortnite Season 7?

The Spire at the center of the map has been destroyed and replaced with a giant UFO. Players can run to the water-filled crater underneath it. There, they will get beamed up to loot a Henchman chest, before getting spit out onto the map again. Additionally, new areas can be found around Sweaty Sands and Colossal Crops — which are now called Believer Beach and Corny Complex.

Fortnite Season 7 Helicopter
One of the new points of interests on the Fortnite Season 7 map | Provided by Epic Games

Also, small new points of interest have been introduced around the map. For example, satellite stations and mysterious alien formations are included. Players should see further evolution of the map, even if it’s just in small ways throughout the season.

What’s in the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass?

Season 7 has changed the format of the battle pass. Leveling up will now earn players Battle Stars that act as currency to purchase skins, back blings, wraps and other cosmetics. Players can essentially choose what they want to purchase first, though it is limited. They’ll need to reach a certain level threshold before buying items that are further down in the battle pass.

The special items that Season 7 includes are a Superman skin, a customizable alien skin and a Rick Sanchez skin from Rick & Morty. The Rick skin is the final unlock of the season.

How do I customize the Kymera skin?

You’ll need to collect a new item, Alien Artifacts from around the map in order to unlock new face, body and eye styles for your Kymera skin. They can be found to the south of Catty Corner, east of Believer Beach, at the Durr Burger outside Weeping Woods, in the center of the map and at Corny Complex. You can then use the artifacts to purchase parts for the alien skin.