Everything to know about the Teamfight Tactics Last Chance Qualifier
TFT Last Chance Qualifier

Everything to know about the Teamfight Tactics Last Chance Qualifier

Eight players will fight for the final two spots at the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship

The Teamfight Tactics World Championship is creeping up once again as almost every single spot at this season’s TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship has already been decided. For the western regions, only two spots remain, and they will be claimed on Saturday at the TFT Last Chance Qualifier.

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At the event, eight players from four regions will compete to see who gets squeezed into the final, 32-player, World Championship field. Here is a breakdown of everything fans need to know.


The format for this event is rather simple. The eight players will clash against each other in a single lobby of six games. Each player will earn points based on their performance in each game and higher placement means more points.

After the six games are finished, the two players with the most points earned during the course of the entire series will clinch the final two spots at the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship. There is no whacky point structure this time around, either.

Players will earn points in reverse order of their placements each game. This means the player who wins a game will receive eight points. The player who finishes in eighth place will earn only one point.


This event will feature the four western regions: Brazil, Latin America, North America and finally Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Each region will send two players apiece to fill out the eight-player Last Chance Qualifier. These players were decided at each Regional Finals as the players who barely missed the cut to participate in the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship. Here is a list of the eight players and which regions they are representing.

  • Iniko (NA)
  • Ramblinnn (NA)
  • Slooper (BR)
  • Eusouolucas (BR)
  • Tewesito (LATAM)
  • Greenbeeing (LATAM)
  • Ging (EMEA)
  • Szati (EMEA)

Three of these players are former Worlds competitors looking to earn a trip back. The two Brazilian players, Slooper and Eusouolucas have represented Brazil at the TFT World Championship before, with Slooper playing in the TFT Galaxies Championship and Eusouolucas playing in last season’s TFT Reckoning Championship. The other player in this LCQ that has played at TFT Worlds before is Ging, from EMEA, who competed at the TFT Fates Championship.

How to Watch the TFT Last Chance Qualifier

The event will last one day with an official live stream on Twitch.tv, including casters bringing players play-by-play coverage and analysis. Since there are multiple regions competing, there are two additional streams for fans looking for coverage in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. The live stream starts at 1 p.m. ET.

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