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Beyond the Summit’s series of prestigious Super Smash Bros. invitationals will resume with Smash Ultimate Summit 5 in Los Angeles, California, this weekend. With a whopping 10 of the 16 entrants ranked in the top 10 of their respective PGRU regional rankings, this will be one of the most stacked tournaments in Smash Summit history.

Along with the main Singles bracket, this event will feature a number of less-than-serious side brackets. Here’s everything viewers need to know about Smash Ultimate Summit 5 before the broadcast begins on Thursday.

Players to watch

This event will mark acola’s second-ever tournament appearance outside of Japan, following his first-place finish at The Gimvitational in June. However, this will be his first time competing at a tournament with the No. 1 player in the world, Leonardo “MkLeo” López Pérez, in attendance. As a result, this could be acola’s best opportunity to stake his claim as not only the best in Japan, but potentially the best in the whole world.

Meanwhile, Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez will be one of the most unpredictable players going into this weekend. Though he won Ultimate Summit 4 earlier this year, he hasn’t attended a single major since his disappointing seventh-place finish at The Gimvitational. As a result, Smash Ultimate Summit 5 will be a test of how Sparg0 fares after an extended break.

In addition, this event will mark Naoto “ProtoBanham” Tsuji’s third American tournament of the year. ProtoBanham has consistently performed better in the States than in Japan this year, placing third at Ultimate Summit 4 and first at Double Down 2022, boasting a 3-1 record against MkLeo between those two tournaments. He will undoubtedly look to keep that streak alive this weekend.

What to expect from Smash Ultimate Summit 5

The Singles bracket at Smash Ultimate Summit 5 will follow the same format as every other post-lockdown Smash Summit invitational. This means that players will compete in round robin pools and gauntlets to determine the seeding for Sunday’s final double-elimination bracket.

Summit will also feature a number of side events, including a Melee Singles bracket and a Squad Strike bracket. There will also be more casual side events. These include a Doubles bracket where each member of a team will control one Joy-Con and a side bracket known as “The Alpharad Zone.”

The event will take place from Thursday to Sunday. The full schedule can be viewed here and will be streamed in its entirety on the btssmash Twitch channel.

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